Getting started with Australia


      Getting started with Australia
      A month before the start of the world championship in the discipline “match races”, which will be held from 11 to 17 August in Yekaterinburg and included in the list of especially significant events of the Ministry of Sports of Russia, the press service of the Komatek Yacht Club began to acquaint fans with future participants regatta

Getting started with AustraliaHarry Hall, James Hodgson, Jess Grimes, Tom Grimes (from left to right). "Width =" 643 "height =" 367 "data-caption =" Harry Hall, James Hodgson, Jesse Grimes, Tom Grimes (from left to right). "


<p>The first was the crew from Australia. Team skipper – Tom Grimes. He and his pins — James Hodgson, Harry Hall, and Jess Grimes — are members of the Australian Sailing Academy Cruise Yacht Club.</p>
<p>Last year, the youth school of this Australian Academy celebrated its 25th anniversary. Over the years, the Youth Sailing Academy has prepared world champions, Olympians, Volvo Ocean Race winners and America's Cup champions.<br />
Team Tom Grimes won the last two Australian racing championships. Tom and Jesse Grimes are the current student world champions.</p>
<p>Teams of yachtsmen from the USA, Czech Republic, Sweden, Great Britain, France, Argentina, Poland, Italy, New Zealand and Japan will also come to Yekaterinburg.</p>
<p>We will find out who will become a member of the world championship in match races from our country after the Russian championship, which will be held in Yekaterinburg from July 18 to 21.</p>
<p>The Organizing Committee of the World Championship is headed by Vice-Governor Pavel Krekov. The venue of the World Championships and the Russian Championship in match racing: Yekaterinburg, Verkh-Isetsky pond, Komatek Yacht Club.</p>
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