“Gained tremendous experience”

February 18, 2019

      "Gained tremendous experience"
      In Vilamoura, the tourist center of the Portuguese Algarve province, the 2nd stage of the Portuguese Grand Prix ended in the classes 49er, 49erFX and Nacra17, in which several Russian crews took part.

"Gained tremendous experience"

Here is what the press service of the Krestovsky Island Sailing School reports:

On a positive note, he completed the regatta in the class of 49er crew Konstantin Nosov / Alexander Gaidaenko (St. Petersburg, Primorsky Krai). In the final 11th race, our yachtsmen finished first in the silver fleet, and in the end took the 30th place among the 55 declared boats.

In the 49erFX class, Zoya Novikova and Diana Sabirova (St. Petersburg, Togliatti) finished the competitions of 8 races in the 24th position.

“The final day of the regatta also turned out to be with a strong wind, the girls could not stand it physically: they turned over in two of the three races,” says trainer Vadim Pushev. “But, in general, they are pleased with the results, as they have gained tremendous experience and managed to overtake 11 boats, which is already a“ gain ”compared to the previous regatta. Tired but satisfied athletes go home for a couple of days of rest, and then until March 2, work in the gym will continue.

Meanwhile, the material part will move to the island of Palma de Mallorca for further preparation on the water. In Vilamoura, we raced on training sails, because The regatta was leading to Palma.

As for Konstantin and Alexander, the guys performed well in the second part of the competition: they took second place in the silver fleet, sorted out the weather and, without serious mistakes, were consistently driven off in the leading group.


Representatives of the Academy of Sailing of the St. Petersburg Yacht Club, Jan Chech and Ivan Zotov also spoke at the 49er. Here is what the press service of the Academy said:

The race for survival in the conditions of the strongest wind and ocean waves, injuries, breakdowns of the materiel – this was the regatta, which the guys completed in 40th place – frankly, not a very outstanding result. At the first stage, which took place in December, the guys became the 19th.

Before the regatta, an 8-day training camp was held with a guest trainer – Pole Tomasz Januszewski, the gathering was held in conditions of weak wind, but the wind increased significantly to the regatta.

According to our guys, the final result was affected by an unfortunate set of circumstances: on the first day the armor broke the luff of the grotto, then Ivan suffered a knee injury, because of which he could not work normally, a collision with an opponent that led to a slight damage to the boat … Simply saying bad luck.

Jan Cech: “To be honest.” Spent a lot of time on the water, under different wind conditions. I am glad that we spent many hours on the water in a strong wind, especially at the end.

By the beginning of the regatta, we were already on the water for 8 days, which could not but affect the general state of health. However, we are not looking for excuses. Let the regatta and training, but we laid out 200%, our form is far from ideal, and there are still many points to be improved.

Why already 3 false starts? We had an installation from the coach “Guys, show me that you can leave the start in the lead”. Showed as we can. It remains to adjust the scope 🙂 But I'm still very pleased.

The first "right" winter, in the right place, with strong rivals. Regattas such as this and the upcoming Mallorca Training Camp provide super-conditions for trying new things and becoming better as yachtsmen.

We are very grateful to the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg and the Academy of Sailing for the opportunity to work productively in the winter on warm water with a good coach.

Tomash (Januszewski) told us a lot, showed us to make him look at his technique somewhere, let's say, from a different angle. But working out all this takes time.

I feel that we are determined to grow. I hope that further preparation for the main starts of the season will be held in a similar vein. We look forward to the traditional Palma (Princess Sofia Cup – EK note) in March-April. ”

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