From winter to summer

Works well the press service of the school “Krestovsky island” – they can always find useful information. For example, such.

Athletes school “Krestovsky island” Valery Kraiko, and Denis Taradin along with coach Alexei Chibisov went to Mexico where they will begin preparations for the first competitions HYDROFOIL PRO TOUR 2019.

They will be held from 11 to 16 March. And more recently, Valery Kraiko took part in the European championship and the first stage of the World Cup in Snowkiting version of IKA, which took place on the border of three countries: Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

– Lake Reschensee is located at 1,500 metres above sea level and surrounded by peaks with a height of about 3000 meters, – said Valery. – As the lake is sandwiched high in the mountains, even if not good for us meteorological forecast, the wind always blows along the gorge.

Over three days of racing competitions were held in three disciplines: marathon, course race and freestyle. Coverage on the lake was very diverse: ice, snow and water, which added to difficulties in passing the course.

The event gathered more than 70 participants from 10 countries, and all showed a very high level. The first five went the distance is very tight, the fight was on every leg of the race.

I was the first not only in women but also in men’s competition, in the disciplines of marathon and course-flight. In recent years, I train and compete on equal terms with men, allowing me to progress and make them a worthy competition.

All my previous sporting success was achieved in Snowkiting. I have won numerous competitions and now you want to try your hand at the Olympic Kiteboard racing.

As for Mexico, I have serious training in this new discipline, and very soon will be my debut in racing hydrofoil: after training camp, which has already begun, March 11-15, I will take part in the first competition of the summer season in 2019.

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