From the “Optimists” to Melges20

Italian representative of North Sails Giulio Desiderato conducted a two-day seminar for coaches of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg.

Giulio is a professional sailor, two-time Italian champion in the 470 class, the numerous winner and prize-winner of world Championships in the Melges 20, Platu 25, Melges 32, Platu25. Most recently, on November 30, it was announced that he became the official representative of the company North Sails in the Melges 20.

December 18-19, Giulio held training seminars for coaches and athletes of the Academy. Italian shared their experience, coaching philosophy, spoke about the sails North Sails and answered a number of questions.

Here’s what he told Julio about the purpose of his visit:

“In the company North Sails, I am the design Manager of all monoclass, starting with the “Optimists” and ending Melges20. While myself, I’m more perceived as a yachtsman, I spend weekends on the water from March to October, playing for various Pro teams, mostly in the Melges 20 and Melges 24 where I regularly have to compete with Russian, in particular with Igor Bytovym and his “Hero”.

In Russia, I came at the invitation of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg and the Academy of sailing, which are very much investing in your coaching staff. Note that this is my second trip to Russia and the first winter, to be honest, it’s pretty extreme conditions for me (laughs).

The workshops I shared my experience and answered the most burning questions of the coaches about the global trends in sailing, we are not spared side and the topic of sails. Discussed a variety of topics, from choosing the mast and setting sails to coaching philosophy. Of course, as a representative of North Sails, I spoke about our product, about its fundamental differences from competitors, the transition to technology 3Di Sails (more about the technology on the North Sails website:

I usually talk about these things on the water, but we cannot say that the role of a lecturer for me, is a novelty, yet this is very much like coaching.

We plan to establish cooperation between the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg and North Sails, the first step is a complete clinic on the water next year, the exact date we will inform later.

Russian are very nice to me and as people and as sailors, again, we often overlap in competition, you always fight to the last centimeter in the race”.

Not without its humorous new year wishes:

“The best gift for the New year? I believe that the best surprise for any sailor to find North Sails under the tree (laughs). Happy New Year and merry Christmas and see you in 2019!”

Evgeny Kitaev,

the press service of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg

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