From “teapot” to “Man of the year”: PROyachting sums up the season

The company PROyachting November 20 award winners in the regattas of the Royal Yacht Club, yacht J70 and summing up the season.

The most striking boaters and event organizers plan to celebrate in eight nominations: “Children’s coach of the year”, “Sailing event of the year”, “Kettle of the year”, “discovery of the year”, “light sailing”, “Photo of the year, Philanthropist of the year” and “man of the year”.

The leader of the weekly regatta Wednesday Night Race — 2018, which this year celebrates fifth anniversary, will receive the main trophy of the season — watch Ulysse Nardin. The winning team of the overall weekly regattas Tuesday Warm-Up Race will receive four vouchers in Germany and can admire the so-called volcanic Eifel is a plateau in the West of the country, known for its unusual geological history. The winner in the nomination “Photo of the year” will choose from frames put out to tender in Instagram under the hashtag #PROyachtingPHOTO.

Award “PROyachting. Man of the year” is held for the fifth time. Last year the winner of the series Wednesday Night Race was the team of SSA-9, series Tuesday Warm-Up Race — the”Moscow 24″. “Man of the year” was recognized as the team “Tavatuy” (Pavel Kuznetsov, Eugene Neugodnikov, Yegor Koniuchowsky) for the development of sailing in the Sverdlovsk region.

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