From Russia to Russia

January 19, 2019

      From Russia to Russia
      Briton Jonathan Dunnett is 45 years old, and he fanatically loves windsurfing. To such an extent that in May 2017 he set sail on a board under sail around Europe.

From Russia to Russia

More precisely, as Dunnett himself emphasizes, "from Russia to Russia." Approximately 15,000 kilometers. The Briton started on the coast of the Barents Sea, where the border between our country and Norway lies. Gradually went around almost the entire continent. And on January 1 of this year I reached Istanbul, where I decided to stop for a few weeks. Wait until it gets warmer and finally choose the final part of the route. Either finish on the border of Russia and Georgia, or bypass the Black Sea from the opposite side and complete the journey on the border of Russia and Ukraine. But here, of course, everything will depend on the political situation.

Before you set off around Europe, Dunnett made a “training” race – in 98 days he walked around the island of Britain. And bypassed solo and without any outside help. It does the same thing now. All his belongings – weighing a maximum of 20 kg – fit on the board. On it, Dunnett sleeps when she stops at the shore for the night. The roof of the improvised tent is the sail.

Oh, how you need to love windsurfing to lead such a lifestyle!

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