From Fort Lauderdale to the Sea of monsters

22 Aug 2013 on the Russian screens released film “Percy Jackson and the Sea of monsters” (Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters). Overall a good continuation of the fantasy franchise about children of the gods of Olympus in other circumstances still would not have a chance to get into the field of vision of the Team ruYachts, if not one “but”: in the middle of the film in the frame suddenly gets a luxurious tri-deck yacht is one of the characters. Barely leaving a cinema hall, our team did a little “investigation”.

The film is named in honor of the heroine of Greek mythology Andromeda, the daughter of the Ethiopian king of the café and lobby of Cassiopeia, we are interested a yacht in real life is quite mundane name Wheels, but combines really fabulous features. In 2009, she went with the American shipyard, Trinity Yachts, famous for its exclusive, literally handmade super-yacht with the emphasis on European quality, steel and aluminum construction. The interior designer became as well known as Scott Carpenter.

The length of this gorgeous semi-displacement yacht is 164 ft (50 m), a width of 27.1 ft (8.5 m), and draught of 8 feet (2.4 m). It is built with all-aluminum hull and aluminum superstructure and equipped with ultra-modern stabilization system that turns any sea waves in a smooth and pleasant move. Wheels equipped with two diesel engines Caterpillar 3512B power at 2250 HP each. Cruising speed of a yacht is 16 knots, maximum 19 knots. Fuel tank volume is equal 60560 l, fuel 10103 L. Crew – 8 people.

The yacht is finished with the highest comfort to place on Board 12 passengers, which has 6 guest cabins, 3 cabins of VIP, 1 double cabin and 1 twin cabin. Main salon – spacious area aft on the main deck with plush chairs and sofas, a bar and a 60 inch home cinema. In the dining room – the massive nineteenth-century Desk for 12 persons from walnut. On Board facilities include a gym, Jacuzzi for 6 people, a swimming platform. Most of the rooms, including the parlors, dining rooms, guest rooms and cabins equipped with plasma screens, air conditioning, Wi-Fi modules, audio systems and acoustic insulation systems. It seems that if each of the three decks Wheels at the same time make completely different parties, they will not interfere with each other.

It is curious that, in spite of all their characteristics and level of technical support, security system Wheels, among other things, provides for four small boats of different sizes and lengths. Well, there’s nothing we can say about the ancient Greek gods but our faith in the Trinity Yachts leaves no doubt that the intended use of these boats in cruises Wheels will always only entertainment.

During the investigation we found out that currently Wheels belongs to a sports club Hendrick Motorsports – a 10-fold winner of the racing series stock cars NASCAR. The yacht sails under the US flag, is moored in the port of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and most often it can be observed in the waters of Miami and the Bahamas.

Perhaps it’s someone upset, but the boat never owned son of Hermes, and in its hold there is no prison cell and she had never been to sea seekers of the Golden fleece. However, to feel like a relative of the Olympic gods on Board Wheels is possible. It costs $ 200 000 per week. To acquire the boat is entirely available for $ 28 750 000. For more information use our feedback form.

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