From “Dragon” to “Ruff”

According to the website of the WFTU, in the premises of hospitable Moscow International yacht-club “Spartak” held a traditional round table of associations of the classes.

This time the participants of the round table, the representatives of 18 classes of yachts – Micro, em-Ka, Finn, Dragon, Carter 30, Lazer, Hobby-cat, L-6, SB20, Beam, Open800, the flying Dutchman, Platu 25, Plastic Yal, s-8, Ruff, A31, A30+. They were joined by representatives of the Association of Student Sailing, Student Sailing League, FPS, Moscow region, joint Board of judges of Moscow and the Moscow region, the guests from Vienna and the organizer of festivals Marina Shchegoleva.

The round table was opened by the presentation on criteria for the allocation/confirmation level of competition and formation of calendar of the WFTU, ETUC and the Ministry of sport prepared by the specialist of the Executive Committee of the WFTU Svetlana Chernyatevich.

The second issue was the debate on the organisation of refereeing of competitions. The following was noted:

1) in order to avoid problems with the formation of a racing competition committees, for the event organisers it is advisable to agree with the judges early in the season;

2) the majority of classes have their own established judicial brigade, however, not all level of the judiciary provides appropriate level of competition and promptly confirmed.

Agreed on the following points:

1) to recommend to the associations of classes to send judges from their teams at judicial seminars with the aim to increase and confirmation of qualification;

2) to recommend to the organisers to interact with a panel of judges in terms of picking the racing committees of judges to ensure an appropriate level of competition;

3) to prepare a uniform matrix-schedule of employment of judges in the competition,

4) ask all organisers of competitions must (following the competition) to submit to the jury the results and the lists of judges in the racing committees.

The third item on the agenda was the report of Marina Shchegoleva in her experience of organizing a sailing festivals to mark the 80th anniversary of the sailing sport in Moscow and the 300th anniversary of the sailing sport in Russia, and also the invitation of the sailing schools and organizations on complex cultural events. Many representatives of associations interested in this experience.

The fourth topic was the new project of the national class of the Ruff, developed by Anatoly Nikolaevich Kondakov. It was noted that built fleet (9 yachts) already allows to hold competitions and to create an Association class. This class can be claimed in the student sections as the equivalent of the snipe class. It was also noted that there is a need for a similar project of creating a national class of yachts with similar characteristics to the class the 29th.

The next item on the agenda was a report on the sailing life among students. Was told about the policy classes for students about the ongoing competition, the Cup of the Student Sailing League qualifying competition at the world Universiade 2019. In discussion it was noted that some of the Association prepared on a budgetary basis to conduct training and to invite students to their competition (Open800, uh-Ka). Association cruising yacht drew attention to the fact that they have quite often there are vacant positions in the crew and they will be happy to see students.

Next, Andrew Poltanov spoke about the situation of the class Beam, about the success in extending the reach of the Central holding of the competition to increase the mass. All were honored Anatoly Nikolaevich Kondakov, which in 1981 was introduced the grade Beam.

A separate topic is the question of Junior classes, and was voiced by the issue of the need to unite enthusiasts and coaches youth classes in the region, possibly through the establishment of the Association of Junior classes.

In terms of discussing new places for competitions your project presented by Eugene Karpov from Budennovsk. He spoke about the new database, interesting water conditions (waters 1×4 km), capacities for accommodation of athletes and boats. It aroused great interest. The most “mobile” of the Association (classes of Micro and Ray) have already planned a more intimate discussion of possible competitions in Budyonnovsk.

Sailing Federation of the Moscow region introduced the program and conditions of participation in several exhibitions in Moscow. Some associations planned to participate in the exhibition and business programs. While remembered prepared in 2014-2015, respectively, a brochure on the associations of the classes of yachts and class yachts. It was a combined decision is made to update this brochure and chipped to make copies for distribution at fairs and festivals.

A separate discussion was held on loud now the topic of safety at sporting events in extreme situations. Was partially disassembled situation that occurred at the all-Russian competition in Noumea in November this year. Following the discussion, stated that there is a tried and tested global and domestic practice of the organization of security at regattas, and today’s problems caused more by the fact that this practice is not always in use. Drew attention to the inadmissibility of mixing approaches for racing the high seas (offshore races) for coastal races and competitions for juvenile athletes. It was also noted that it is unacceptable in emergency rescue operations selectively to save athletes and the material, focusing only on their athletes. The results discussion was prepared a package of proposals for further submission to the Bureau of the WFTU.

Overall, the discussion was very productive. New ideas. Studied specific situation. Many have received clear answers on how to proceed in solving their issues. Many thanks to all who took part in the round table Associations classes. See you next year!

All presentations and documents are available in the Annex to this news.

A video on the construction of yachts Ruff –

The materials presented at the round table, published on the website ,

Vasily Kravchenko

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