“Free from encumbrances”: ends the auction for the sale of the controversial Equanimity

The auction, which will be sold 91,5-metre yacht Equanimity, ends on November 28. About it reports Bloomberg.

The vessel is owned by a Malaysian financier Joe Lowe (But Low). The businessman is suspected of embezzling $4.5 billion from the national Fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and laundering these funds through the purchase of luxury goods in different countries, including the USA. The scandal also was involved Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and former Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak (Najib Razak).

Bidding for Equanimity, which is also was bought with stolen money, began on 29 October. Since selling the boat going on the court, the auction is closed. Suggestions of customers are sent to the Sheriff of the Supreme court of Malaysia, which also has data on the estimated value of Equanimity and approved by the court price.

Specialist law firm Christopher & Lee Ong, who is on the auction interests of Malaysia and 1MBD, Wong Chi Kwan ‘s (Ong Chee Kwan) before bidding could not assume, how much will sold the boat.

“All I can say is it is so expensive, as soon as possible,” he told Bloomberg.

It is expected that the transaction can break the record of most expensive auction sale of the yacht. Today the record belongs to the 72 metre Lürssen Apoise, which in 2010 was sold for $34.75 million

In the Burgess brokerage company involved in the sale, noted that interest in the boat show and local and foreign investors.

Wong Chi Kwan also added that some of these potential buyers already puzzled by depositing $1 million for the privilege to inspect the yacht.

The Sheriff of the Supreme court will choose the best offer potential buyers. Following the transaction, the buyer will receive, as formulated by the brokers from Burgess, “the internationally recognized right of ownership of the yacht without any encumbrances”. The execution of all necessary documents take several days, after which the new owner will be able to celebrate the purchase.

However, there is another outcome. If all wagers falls below the amount designated by the court, then Malaysia may have to consider another option of selling boats fast.

The maintenance of Equanimity has already cost the taxpayers of Malaysia at more than $835 thousand

At the same time Equanimity may be interested in only those who pulls the pockets of a quarter of a billion dollars, its smooth selling, according to Bloomberg, could reduce the pressure on incumbent Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad (Mahathir Mohamad), who is looking for ways to fulfill his campaign promise to make up for the funds stolen from 1MDB.

Equanimity is only part of the Treasury property and assets owned by low and which are now the subject of legal disputes and confiscated around the world. USA filed lawsuits on the confiscation of assets worth $1.7 billion in Assets were allegedly acquired with money stolen from 1MDB, including diamond heart shaped $1,29 million and diamond pendant for $3.8 million that Lowe presented the Australian model Miranda may Kerrand a picture of a Picasso worth $3.8 million, donated by Lowe actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Superyacht Oceanco Equanimity registered in the Cayman Islands and is estimated at $250 million it was First presented at the boat show in Monaco in 2014 and began in that year, the largest yacht of the exhibition.

The world’s first private superyacht, created in accordance with the requirements for commercial vessels Passenger Yacht Code. Standard PYC allows you to take on Board at the same time up to 36 passengers. The interiors of the yachts created by Andrew Winch (Andrew Winch) and highlight the Asian origins of its owner: among the materials — bamboo and gold leaf.

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