Francesca Paczkowski has designed a line of Explorer for CRN

The shipyard CRN has demonstrated to render innovative yachts on the renowned Francesco Paczkowski (Francesco Paszkowski).

Italian CRN is considered a pioneer in the segment of Explorer, who wrote a new Chapter in yachting. So, in 1983 at the shipyard was created the iconic boat F100, designed by Gerhard Gilgenast (Gerhard Gilgenast). AlfaRosso should be the successor to the F100. The model will be available in three versions: 45, 50 and 55 meters.

“We are pleased to continue our partnership with a dynamic industry leader as Francesco Paszkowski Design. The power of water and the feeling of unity with the surrounding world are the principles underlying the design AlfaRosso” – commented Stefano de vivo (Stefano De Vivo), sales Director of Ferretti Group, owner of the brand CRN.

On AlfaRosso full of open spaces.

The pool on the main deck, terraces and panoramic Windows – if only you could enjoy the beauty around fully.

For greater communication with the water AlfaRosso equipped with steel handrails instead of the more traditional bulwarks. Stairs with open treads made in the spirit of minimalism. Deck with this classically covered with teak – designers consider this decision as a “bridge” between tradition and innovation.

Unlike typical yachts of Explorer, where the technical areas are given feed and large areas of the lower and main decks on AlfaRosso space designed specifically for team and guests of the ship. Tenders stowed in the nose.

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