Fourth attempt

American Stanley Paris ‘ 81, and, in his opinion, this is a great age to alone set sail on a long journey. For example, around the world. Non-stop.

I have to say that about Mr. Paris, we were told repeatedly. Wrote that the love of the sport (and not only to sail) is in his blood. In 1960, he was involved in a car supergene from London to India and back. In 1985, participated in the world championship triathlon (Ironman category!). A year after this has twice swum the English channel. And then carried away the sail and repeatedly crossed the Atlantic. So the military guy. Versatile.

And so on Thursday Paris left St. Augustine in Florida and sent his yacht Kiwi Spirit 2 (Finot-Conq 53) in the direction of Bermuda. Then he turns South and then East and go the traditional route – through three great Cape of Good hope, llewyn and horn. Then again Bermuda and, finally, St. Augustine. Around the world.

But, of course, no luck, nothing happens. Paris knows this firsthand: he twice tried to start from Bermuda (and subsequently finish) in the hope to improve the record of 150 days, 6 hours, which is since 1986 owned Dodge Morgan. The third time started in Saint Augustine. But all three times have failed. Twice, in 2014 and 2015, there were problems with the mast, and Paris was compelled to finish his journey in Cape town. And last year, failed electronics, and had to get up for repairs already in Bermuda.

A reasonable question: why do we need to start in Saint Augustine? In order to kill two “birds”. To improve the record of Dodge Morgan is a long – standing and cherished goal, but the trouble is that the international Council for registration of achievements of sail (WSSRC) does not record travel “Bermuda Bermuda” as round-the-world. According to the Council, too short range, not enough small – 346 nautical miles. Here St. Augustine is very helpful.

We wish Stanley Paris good luck and will follow him. In 81 years around the world – cool, do not say anything!!!

PS You will laugh a lot, but… After only twenty minutes after we published this article, it was reported that Paris will likely stop in Bermuda, repair and starts from Saint Augustine again.

The fact that almost immediately after the start of the trip on the boat had problems. Not definitive, but many.

“If I have already passed half of the race, and it didn’t pay – said Paris. But I just started. Nothing prevents to make a stop to fix everything and start again”.

Does this mean that you’ll be attempt number five?

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