Formquadrat says: “FINES!”

FINES – the so-called unusual folding of multi-shell vessel, developed by the Austrian design Studio “form2”, or “formquadrat”. In its initial, assembled state FINES is a pretty standard size motor boat, which will not take much space when placed in the Marina and will be allocated unless a very unusual and attractive design. However, it is necessary to press a couple of buttons cherished, and FINES will unfold first in an impressive trimaran.

The idea of the concept is to create relatively small universal water vehicle that will be for the owner not just another motor boat, and private personal oasis where you can comfortably relax from the hustle and bustle.

Housing FINES consists of one fixed and two movable elements. In the assembled state all three elements mutually block each other, thus creating a solid design with a length of 7 meters and a width of 2.6 metres, more like a catamaran. In this state, and subject to the minimum precipitation FINES are ready to go in almost any waters and shoreline.

For transport in a disassembled state of the two mobile elements of the housing diverge from the main part, increasing the width of the vessel under 7 meters. Additional deck area to form a previously hidden in the seats along the sides of the boat and now laid out panels of metal and wood.

In terms of management of FINES is more reminiscent of a jetski. The wheel of the ship presented instrument panel with two levers on the sides. The panel is built into the deck and easily changes the angle, allowing you to steer the boat, both sitting and standing. If necessary, the panel is fully retracted into the deck, freeing up additional space.

While the control panel is removed, you can relax, enjoy the sun bath or diving – the choice of options for relaxing with FINES is limited perhaps only by imagination. Moreover, it does not limit the function of the autopilot, with which the ship will continue to follow the selected route, and stabilizer position, whereby FINES will not drift and will remain in the same place.

Additional recreational areas will serve as a fold out sofas and a table in the bow of the vessel. There you will find a built-in deck grill, small fridge, and a section for dishes. Aft of the FINES is equipped with two movable swimming platform.

Well, let’s hope the project team “formquadrat” will interest not only fans of the unique yacht design, but also a shipbuilder, who would dare to undertake its implementation.

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