Following Elfutina – Askerov


      Following Elfutina – Askerov
      From October 9 to October 13 in Sochi on the basis of Yug Sport Federal State Budgetary Institution the Russian Championship in the Olympic class of the RS: X sailing board was held. 15 men and 10 women fought for the title of the best windsurfers in Russia – from the Krasnodar Territory, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sevastopol. Here is what the press service of the VFPS reports:

Following Elfutina - Askerov

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For five racing days, the organizers held 23 races – 12 for men and 11 for women. The wind, as is usually the case in Sochi, blew with some laziness. The children had to pump a lot, and sometimes they went ashore without strength. But on Saturday, the wind suddenly decided to please the athletes and gave a day of high speeds. It was he who became decisive in the distribution of medals.

The champion of Russia for the fourth time, as you already know, quite expectedly became the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro Stefania Elfutina. The long-time leader of the Russian national team, representing the Sochi Olympic Sailing Training Center, has not lost at the national level for a very long time. Although this time, three races out of 11 were won by other athletes: twice the first to come to the finish line Anna Khvorikova and once to Yana Reznikova. It would seem that there is nothing surprising in this – it is impossible to win all races in one wicket. But according to Stephanie herself, this year the competition has increased significantly. And considering that Elfutina is a leader not only of the Russian, but also of the world level, the victories of Anna and Yana are worth a lot.

In fact, the struggle among the girls was for the second place. And for three racing days he was occupied by 16-year-old Muscovite Yana Reznikova. The world champion among juniors for the first time took part in the adult championship of the country. And could not hold a silver medal. The fresh wind that blew on Saturday turned out to be more convenient for Anna Khvorikova: the more experienced and larger (if you can say so about miniature girls) athlete coped with the high wave and difficult impulses better and became "second after Elfutina." Yana Reznikova got a bronze medal.

But for men, the main struggle was for a gold award. Three athletes of approximately equal strength and skill – Yevgeny Aivazyan, Vladislav Burmistrenko and Alexander Askerov – challenged their superiority in literally every race. Although Burmistrenko was formally the leader throughout almost the entire regatta, the gaps were so small that any race could change the alignment. And so it happened.

On Saturday, when a fresh wind blew, the judges gave the men four starts. And the local athlete Alexander Askerov became the best in such weather: twice he came first and twice – second. Alexander was two points ahead of Vladislav Burmistrenko, Evgeni Aivazyan by three points.

Everything had to be determined in the medal race, for which they give double points. But the weather decided in its own way. On Sunday, the wind turned sour, and although the judges until the last hoped to start, it didn’t work. Alexander Askerov for the first time became the champion of Russia.

“On Saturday there were four races in normal weather, and I did everything,” Askerov said after the championship. – In the morning I looked at the forecast, already understood roughly what the weather would be, and tuned in to a certain wind. And so it happened: I knew what needed to be done in such conditions, where it was necessary to accelerate, where to make a maneuver on time. It was almost on autopilot. I understood that in such weather I have an advantage. In one of the races he walked second, but at the last fordevind he was able to get around the opponent and finish first.

Of course, before the medal race a little nervous. Because you never know: the wind will go or not. On the water, when we were waiting for a race today, I heard the head judge counting down the seconds before raising the flag … All these things were a bit unnerving. But basically, I kept calm, was ready to fight. “The weather is familiar to me – I’ve been training here for 12 years, this is my native water area, so I didn’t have any doubts about the race.”

So, the pre-Olympic season for windsurfers is over. Stefania Elfutina, who won the license for the 2020 Games and brilliantly won the selection for the country's Olympic team, will calmly prepare for a trip to Tokyo. But men still have to win a ticket to the Games. And they will be able to do this at the April stage of the World Cup in Italian Genoa.

Good luck to the guys!

P.S. On Sunday evening, a coaching council took place in Sochi, which determined the composition of the Russian team in RS: X class. Among the men, these are Alexander Askerov, Vladislav Burmistrenko, Evgeny Ayvazyan and Maxim Tokarev in reserve. Among women are Stephanie Elfutina, Anna Khvorikova and in reserve Yana Reznikova. It should be noted that the official approval of the Russian national team will be held on December 2 at the Presidium of the All-Union Central Federal Assembly

Final Results –

64 Yesterday # 9560

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