Florida was named the best yachtsmen and best sailing yacht in 2018

Eight awards of the 2018 World Sailing Awards October 30, solemnly handed over to their owners in Sarasota (Florida, USA). The names of the best of the best have been named in the nominations “the yachtsman of the year” (men and women) from Rolex, as well as in the categories “team of the year” and “yacht of the year”. It was also awarded a special prize For “sustainable development” from the World Sailing 11th Hour Racing award named Beppe Croce (Andrea Giuseppe “Beppe” Croce) , the first Italian who became head of the International sailing Federation (before him this post was held only by the British), and the prize of the President of the International sailing Federation for the development of this area (President’s Development Award).

“Yachtswomen of the year” were the Dutch Caroline Brower (Carolijn Brouwer) and French – based Marie (Marie Riou) — the first woman, together, who won the Volvo Ocean Race in 2017-2018 team Dongfeng Race Team. Before the race, Brower has participated in two VOR and had a great experience in these races, but the style was a two-time Olympic champion in match-racing flights and catamarans Nacra 17.

“It’s a huge honor. 20 years ago I was winning Word Sailing Award and want to say that the ability to be checked again in another discipline shows how much sailing is varied, as there are such different directions. The ability to say that Marie and I were the first women that won the VOR is something special. We are part of history. It’s definitely something that will be remembered forever,” said Brauer.

The team of Brauer and style together with the skipper of Dongfeng Race Team by Frenchman Charles Cadrele (Charles Caudrelier) , this evening, was up on stage one more time to get the prize as “team of the year”.

“Yachtsman of the year” was the Cypriot Pavlos Kontides (Pavlos Kontides) — the first in the history of his country Olympic medalist. His success in London in 2012 inspired his entire nation, and since then he tries to be an example to fellow citizens and boaters around the world. In 2017 and 2018, he has twice won the world title.

“There are many great stories associated with this prize. Since I was 14, I wanted it to. I wrote a lot of notes with the desires. Maybe it sounds too much, maybe it was too ambitious a dream, but I am here today. I was able to achieve this, born on a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, and hope that it will inspire young sailors and they’ll believe that big dreams do not have to fear that those dreams are worth to hold on to them. The word “impossible” is only in your head, only your brain stands in the way. Once you understand it, it becomes your main weapon and chief ally,” said Kontides.

The “boat of the year” jury found a new racing sailboat founder of Skype Swede Niklas Zennstrema (Niklas Zennström) VII Ran on clean electric motor. The title brought her “outstanding design” from Carkeek Design and “innovative concept and breakthrough technological solutions.” The crew Ran VII has won every race in which he participated, including the prestigious Cup, One Ton Cup, where the team won an unprecedented six first and two second places.

Among the contenders for the title of best yacht of the year was also the project L30 Ukrainian yachtsman, the owner of the title of 2005 world champion Rodion Luka.

His boat — an easy and cheap model that was created specifically to promote yachting. To carry L30 is possible without the aid of a crane: to transport the relatively simple trailer, and for zavalivanija mast enough for two people. Thanks to the spacious cabin and the wide bottom is perfect for the race, and for corporate team building, and training in sailing schools.

“Green” prize for activities in the framework of sustainable development of sailing got the yacht club in Corpus Christi (Texas). The club was organized in 2018 world youth championship, during which the volunteers were constantly drawn attention to the issue of protecting the ocean and the designated program issues. The organizers awarded the trophy, created from bioresin and recycled carbon parts one of the yachts participating in the America’s Cup.

Second prize for the development of sailing has become The President’s Development Award. The award was won by Italian Massimo Dyke (Massimo Dighe) — Manager of the International sailing Federation on the issues of athletes with disabilities.

“We were deeply saddened when learned that the international Paralympic Committee is not going to include sailing in the games in Paris in 2024. As representatives of the discipline we made a big step in its development. Today’s winner helped more countries to develop this sport. At the world championship in 2016 was represented in 32 countries, already in 2017, was attended by 37 countries, and in 2018 — 39”, — said the President of the world sailing Federation Kim Anderson (Kim Andersen).

A special prize named Beppe Croce “For his outstanding voluntary contribution to sailing” was the Briton Bryan Willis (Bryan Willis) — one of the most experienced figures in the world of sailing, which he faithfully served since 1975. Willis is one of the most respected representatives of the “elite” Royal yachting Association and the International sailing Federation. He is also an international judge and international umpire since 1981 and 1986 respectively, when the judging system only began to be used. The organizers attracted Willis in the eight of cups, “America”, three races of the Volvo Ocean Race (up to 2001 the Whitbread Round the World Race) and countless world Championships in the various classes.

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