Fingers crossed for ours!

Here is what the Russian Association of yachts of a class “the Optimist” of being held in Crozon-Morgat (France) the European championship Optimist European Championship 2019:

After two days of the regatta the best of our Vyacheslav Marcus is 31-m with the 13th and 17th wards.

Cyril Shanenkov – 64 (31-th and 13-th),
Andrey Sotnikov – 93rd (30th and 31st),
Daniel Pepper – 140-second (42nd and 46th),
in all, the regatta takes part of 176 boys.

Arina Bratchenko – 32-I (21st and 22nd),
Darya Savinova – 56-I (13th and DNF),
Mary Struk – 86-I (31 and DNF),
just take part 117 girls

All results

Fingers crossed for our and wish them luck!

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