Fight, drive, extreme!

July 1, 2019

      Fight, drive, extreme!
      On Sunday, June 30, riders of the PIRogovo Yacht Club gathered at the traditional “Weekend” regatta. Of the 12 teams registered, four crews performed in the “school fleet” standings.

Fight, drive, extreme!

Behind the first month of summer! A series of races through windless weather gave way to a favorable wind forecast with gusts of wind of up to 18 knots! Fight, drive, extreme fully attended the regatta.

In a tight fight with a two-point difference between the first three places on the basis of four races, the gold was won by the crew of RUS 95 – steering Artyom Zheleznov, team: Andrey Zheleznov, Sergey Zabaluev.

Silver and second place on the podium at RUS 69 – Alexander Peterson steering, team: Sergey Desyukevich, Vladimir Mayantsev.

Bronze in RUS 79 – steering Irina Sorokina, team: Dmitry Berezkin, Pavel Kirilyuk.

In the “school fleet” standings, the crew of Margarita Kozhukhar, Anatoly Kudritsky, Dmitry Zakharov rose to the first place.

Congratulations to the winners of the regatta!

We invite you to take part in the next stage of the weekend regatta on July 7 !!!

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