Ferretti plans to build 15 Wally in the year

Chief commercial officer of Ferretti and concurrently chief Executive officer Wally Stefano de vivo (Stefano de Vivo) during the boat show in Miami shared with the publication International Boat Industry plans for sales Wally.

“We anticipate that we will pay a total of only 15 Wally in a year,” he said, noting that such a prediction is made given the current ongoing crisis in the market.

In comparison with indicators of 2009 of the sale of a sailing superyacht — the main market Wally — has now fallen by almost two thirds.

According to Superyacht News, if 10 years ago, during the year, the owners transferred the 34 boats to 2018 — only eight. Five boards were launched and six were in the construction phase last year. In 2019 19 sailing superyachts will be in the process of construction.

However, perhaps this prolonged recession finally ends.

Until 2022 in the world to be built and delivered to owners 42 sailing boats longer than 30 meters, and that’s 2019 may be the first year from which the dynamics of the market will gradually change for the positive.

About the official joining of Wally Yachts to Ferretti Group became known on the eve of the exhibition Boot Düsseldorf — 2019. By 2021, the Ferretti Group invests in high-tech boat brand Wally to €84 million New Wally, built in the shipyards of the Ferretti Group, mainly in Italian Ancona.

First created in collaboration with Ferretti, a 14.6-metre Wally tender with built-in motor will be launched in July 2019. His debut will take place during the yachting festival in Cannes in September.

The version with an outboard motor will “hang on” to the exhibition in Fort Lauderdale in early November.

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