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      Fastnet News
      Something we completely forgot about the famous Rolex Fastnet Race. We repent, wrong. We laugh to fix the situation. Here are the main news.

Fastnet News

Line honors (i.e. the best result) among single-hull vessels on the account of the 27-meter Rambler 88 (USA), covering the 608-mile distance (in fact, the vessel took 696 miles) in 1 day, 19 hours, 55 minutes and 2 seconds.

Owner and skipper of the Rambler George David was in seventh heaven: for him this is the fifth Fastnet, his favorite yacht won Line honors for the second time in a row – and, most importantly, he managed to get ahead of his principal rival – SHK Scallywag (Hong Kong) with the skipper By David Witt. The fact that the struggle was already evident is proved by the fact that the Rambler 88 was less than half an hour ahead of the competitor. To be exact, then for 27 minutes and 22 seconds.

A real battle has unfolded among the numerous IMOCA 60 class yachts. Special attention is now being paid to these yachts: the next Vendée Globe starts in a year, and then to Ocean Race (formerly Volvo Ocean Race). True, as usual on the Fastnet, there were two people on board.

The winner was a fancy and widely publicized Charal (France) with a crew of Jeremy Beiu and Christopher Pratt. Their result is 2 days, 1 hour, 17 minutes and 28 seconds. The fight was also exciting here: it’s enough to say that 4 more boats finished within an hour.

The best result, taking into account the adjusted time, was the 70-foot Wizard (USA) with skipper Charlie Enright, who is widely known for racing Volvo Ocean Race. And so far no one is visible who could get ahead of Enright.

Now about ours – or almost ours.

IRC Zero Division.

Weddell (Afanasy Isaev) – finished. 33rd place in the division.

IRC Two Division

Jolly Jellyfish (Team of the Offshore Racing Club SeaVentus) – in the distance; takes 28th place in the division.

Skylander (Yuri Fadeev, the crew of the yacht club "Cabestan") – at a distance; takes 30th place in the division.

Thunder 2 (Vladimir Phillips, a team of Russian expats) – at a distance; takes the 37th place in the division.

IRC Three Division.

Mirabelle (Nikolai Drozdov, ROSATOM SAILING TEAM team) – at a distance; takes 35th place in the division.

Well, it seems everyone has been listed. Although someone may still not have been mentioned. Then add them in the comments on this post. Thank you in advance.

And – most importantly – good luck to all of us!

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