Extreme Sailing Series ordered to live long

March 29, 2019

      Extreme Sailing Series ordered to live long
      OC Sport, which owns the rights to the popular Extreme Sailing Series racing series, has confirmed that it does not see financial expediency in its further implementation.

Extreme Sailing Series ordered to live long

Recall, the Extreme Sailing Series races have been held since 2007. In recent years, 10-meter flying catamarans of the GC32 class, capable of speeding over 60 km / hour, and 40-foot Extreme 40 catamarans took part in them in recent years. The stages of this prestigious series are three times in 2014, 2015 and 2016 th years passed in St. Petersburg.

“We applied one after another a whole range of business models, but we could not make the series profitable. In such a situation, it seems senseless to continue organizing these competitions, ”said the head of the OC Sport, Herve Favre.

The teams learned about the OC Sport decision in advance. Most of them now, obviously, will act in the new series – GC32 Racing Tour, consisting of five stages, which will be held in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

According to OC Sport, the rights to the Extreme Sailing Series will be sold to a certain company that intends to organize a series of regattas this year with the participation of another class of yachts.

It is worth emphasizing that OC Sport is one of the most reputable companies in the world of sailing races. She, in particular, holds such famous regattas as Route du Rhum and Transat.

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