Extreme island Bintan

China has completed the third stage of the world Cup of kiteboarding in the discipline of “Formula kite”. According to the press service of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg:

The competition took place on the Eastern coast of China, on the island of Bintan. Traditionally, this stage is characterized by its extreme weather conditions. The strong wind caused by Typhoon in East China in early September, the gusts reached 30 knots. After a relatively weak force in winds of 6-8 knots the previous step in Weifang such conditions seemed like a real extreme.

In the regatta was attended by 28 athletes from 13 countries. The third stage in Pintana – the penultimate before the final world Cup of kiteboarding in the Italian Cagliari, which will be held from 2 to 6 October. Therefore, to the East of China gathered all the strongest athletes hoping to improve their position in the overall standings before the final stage.

Athlete Academy sailing Elena Kalinina in the first two stages finished in the top three among the girls. Italian Gizzeria Russian came third, and in China Weifang second. In the second stage Kalinina bypassed the current winner of the world Cup Kirstin O’brien of the United States. American, loving to race in strong wind, came to Bintan with a desire to take our athletes revenge.

From the very first race favourite status proved another American Danielle frost, who won two previous stages. She immediately took the lead and did not admit to his rivals. The result is Daniela won the regatta in the women’s standings with 202 points and took 12 th place in the overall standings.

But for the second line expect a stubborn fight. In almost every race Kirstin was a little stronger than our athletes. The American is much better suited for extreme wind conditions Pintana. On the final day of the regatta organizers; and had to mention the race due to heavy wind. According to the results of 17 starts O’brien walked Kalinin on 23 points.

“At this stage, I competed with Elena Kalinina and hairan Zhang, says silver medalist Kirstin O’brien. I like to go with these athletes. This rivalry make the race much more interesting. I learn a lot when you see what direction you choose later on, at what speed and at what angle they go. So I understand what works best”.

“The second stage in Weifang conditions were easier. In weak and moderate wind I could do better, – says Elena Kalinina, who won bronze at the third stage of the world Cup. In Pintana was difficult conditions: strong wind, big waves and a lot of debris in the water. The start of the race was formed for me not very well: I took the kite the wrong size and because of this some races lost, then I suddenly broke the trapezoid. I wasn’t quite ready for such difficult conditions. Overall, for me it was more of a training regatta – I have analyzed the speed, checked the materiel and concluded that I need to work more on a strong wind. I think this race will do me good before the most important starts of the season.”

Recall that from 2 to 6 October in Cagliari, will be the final stage of the world Cup KiteFoil World Series. And from 11 to 16 October in Qatar will host the world beach games, held by the international Olympic Committee. In these regattas athlete Academy sailing Elena Kalinina will also compete for medals.

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