Expedition yacht Exuma from Perini Navi

The famous Italian shipbuilding company Perini Navi Group is famous primarily for its sailing yachts. Remember, even though the 88 metre Maltese Falcon (the Maltese Falcon), which we have already spoken. Occasionally, but it was hardly reluctant to the shipyard on time, forget about the sail and produces motor yachts, each of which can call another work of art of the Italian shipbuilding industry.

To go for examples of the Perini Navi Group in this direction will not have long – today, all motor yachts shipyard presented in the line called Picchiotti Vitruvius. This series was established in 2007, marking the completion of the process of joining the Perini Navi one of the oldest and most respected Italian shipyard Picchiotti.

Picchiotti history began in 1600. For four centuries, the shipyard is deservedly considered the cornerstone of Italian shipbuilding, specializing in a stunning variety of boats from wooden sailboats and high-speed yachts to large military ships for the Italian Navy and foreign navies. Following the transaction, held in the beginning of 90-ies, Picchiotti became part of the Perini Navi Group until 2007 its shipyard in Viareggio was used in the traditional interests of Perini Navi – the construction and maintenance of sailing yachts.

4 Jul 2010 I built the first yacht in the Perini Navi Picchiotti Vitruvius series. The yacht got an exotic name Exuma. Its launch occurred at the new shipyard in La Spezia, Liguria, purchased by the Perini Navi Group at the Cantieri Navali Beconcini specifically for separate division Picchiotti. So at the same time began a new history of Picchiotti, a new direction for the Perini Navi Group and is a new range of great motor yachts.

The first motor yacht Perini Navi has surpassed all expectations. The brainchild of French naval architect Philippe Brand and a young British design Studio Vitruvius Yachts combines sophisticated design, engineering prowess, multi-functionality and specifications of expedition vessel.

Yacht with a length of 50 meters (164 ft) has an extremely shallow draft 2.3 meters (7.5 feet), so able to walk in waters inaccessible to most vessels of this class. Her swift hull and superstructure made entirely of aluminum alloy. The displacement of the yacht when fully loaded, is 400 tons. The yacht is equipped by two diesel Caterpillar C32 engines with a capacity of 970 kW (1300 hp, 1326 cv) @ 1800 rpm, which provide a maximum speed of 17 knots (31 km/h) and a cruising of 14 knots (26 km/h). Fuel capacity is 75 000 tons, and the supply of fresh water is equal to 17 000 tonnes.

Guaranteed Perini Navi cruising Exuma is 6 500 nautical miles (12 038 km) at 12 knots (22 km/h). Some sources claim that the yacht annually confirms these data. It is also known that in the past year, Exuma, not bothering to issues of refueling, repeatedly paid visits to Thailand, the Philippines, Palau and Micronesia – distance between the coast of Thailand and the Islands of Micronesia is approximately 3 023 nautical miles (5600 km).

For the duration of the journey, however long it lasted, Exuma readily and with maximum comfort will be placed on the Board 9 guests in 5 cabins: 2 guest rooms with a single bed and a double bed, 2 VIP cabins and the master cabin with large double beds. All cabins have private bathrooms with a shower. In the dining room, salons and cabins Exuma guests will be greeted by classic nautical style from the designers at Perini Navi, and, therefore, oak, teak and Italian marble. The facilities of the yacht carried out by a team of 9 people.

Created for the ocean, Exuma carries on Board a range of additional equipment, including a diving Arsenal, and equipment for active rest: 5 meter jeep amphibious Iveco/Castoldi, the 3.6-metre hovercraft Hovercraft Hov Pod, 6-metre and 4-metre jet tenders Jet Tender Castoldi S. p from.A. two underwater scooter Seabob, jet ski SeaDoo RXT 250 and two electric land scooters. Equipment is stored in two spacious garages on the sides at the front of the boat.

“The launch of the first Picchiotti motor yacht opens a new era for our Group. New line of motor yacht Picchiotti not only inherits the high level of quality and elegance embodied in the 48 sailing yachts (number built Perini Navi sailing yachts since the founding in 1980 – approx. ed.), launched to date, but it also confirms the uniqueness and adaptability of our products, combined with our ability to combine tradition and innovation”, commented Giancarlo Ragnetti, CEO of the Perini Navi Group, presentation Exuma in 2010.

In the same year the Perini Navi Group has registered a portfolio of orders for the construction of 6 yachts with a total value of 168 million Euros. Among them – 2 motor yacht series Picchiotti Vitruvius. We will discuss each of them in the following publications of the Journal ruYachts.

As for Exuma, in 2010 the classification society Rina Green Plus is awarded to qualified platinum level. In the same year, the yacht has received the “world Yacht Trophy” in the category “Most innovative yacht of the year” and the prize for best design in shipbuilding in the category “Best motor yacht over 40 meters”. In 2011 the ceremony of awarding the prize “the Super-Yacht World,” organized by the publisher Boat International, the yacht Exuma was awarded prizes in the categories “Motor yacht of the year” and “Best motor yacht with an engine capacity of less than 500GT”. In the same year, the yacht won the award “best of the Best” from the publisher of Robb Report in the category of “Mega-Yacht, custom built”. And this is only part of Exuma received awards. However, perhaps the main confirmation of high quality of architecture and design Perini Navi Group is the fact that completing the third year of fairly intensive use Exuma is in excellent condition.

The attempts of placing a yacht for sale is not fixed. The yacht is rented for 175 thousand Euros per week.

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