Evacuation participants GGR Susie Goodall is successful

Participating in a non-stop round the world regatta single Golden Globe Race, the Briton Susie Goodall (Susie Goodall) at 15:14 UTC on December 7 raised aboard the 190-metre cargo ship MV Hong Kong “TIAN FU”. Her Rustler 36 Starlight 5 December during a storm in the South Pacific lost the mast. 29-year-old Goodall — the only girl participating in the Golden Globe Race, and the youngest yachtswoman of the regatta. She was fourth in the racing fleet.

Before the arrival of rescuers the ship drifted on a sea anchor at a speed of about one knot. The waves are gradually reduced first to five and then to three or four meters, the wind dropped from 45 to 20 knots. In addition to the organizers GGR with Goodall for some time liaised Dutchman mark Slats (Slats Mark) that goes into the race second and now is in the area of Argentina.

Attempts to start the engine was not a success. After one of the tests he had worked for 20 minutes and did not want to run again. This meant that the bulk carrier weighing 40 tons would have to maneuver to approach the boat Goodall.

“TIAN FU” arrived even a little earlier than planned, an hour before dawn. With the first rays of sun started rescue operation.
Down with the ship the boat was impossible. The girl is raised by the winch using the onboard crane. To take it could only one bag.

“Hot Cup o’ Joe!” — wrote gleefully Goodall on Board the ship.

Waiting for help the girl was suffering from weakness, sickness and lack of sleep. She admitted that she dreams about tea, but after the accident she was not able to heat food and water. It was just nothing to do.

Although the warm reception on the ship was very useful, Goodall still feels a little lost away from his beautiful Starlight. Watch as she is out of sight, it was hard for her. With his ship, the brave Briton said goodbye forever: it will sink.

The news of the salvation Goodall gave the Estonian Uku, Randmaa (Uku Randmaa). During the ill-fated storm, he was in the same area and, perhaps, understands more than anyone that had to endure the girl. Randmaa was more fortunate and he continues unscathed the way to Cape horn in third place in the fleet GGR. 2 days later, on December 9, he admitted that he still thinks about the retired participants of the race: not only about Goodall, but the Norwegian Ares Vigo (Are Wig), the Indian Abhilasha Tom (Abhilash Tomy) and the Irish Magacine Gregor (Gregor McGuckin).

Obviously very worried about Goodall and Finn Tapio Lehtinen (Tapio Lehtinen), which is the fifth, starting the journey across the Pacific ocean.

“Six cheers! Best wishes Susie! Hugs! Thank you to the rescuers!” — he wrote, having learned that she would be safe.

Another reason to rejoice for it was, oddly enough, the appearance of the boat near the two sharks.

“Two sharks eating sea ducks (I think). Don’t have to dive” — he said in one of his last messages.

Maybe it’s a delicacies at the bottom of the boat attracted the shark, which scared Randmaa when he was cleaning his boat somewhere in those waters?

Suffering from the invasion of sea ducks Russian Igor Zaretsky, the trailing fleet GGR in the second half of the day on 10 December will come to the Australian port of Albany.

“The speakers good, of course. People at least see. But the most dirty of all stops in the sea don’t want,” says Zaretsky.

In addition to cleaning the bottoms “Esmeralda” from live shrubs and painting “pobratimy” the yachtsman in the near future replacement of the forestay and replenishment of food and water. On the shore the Russians are waiting for a team of compatriots and the locals, are ready to render any feasible help.

“Captain coconut” mark Sinclair, a native Australian in Adelaide last weekend already got rid of the “rabbits” and now is considering whether he wants to do to continue the race.

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