Elfutina already has gold

October 13, 2019

      Elfutina already has gold
      In Sochi, the main national competition of the season in the Olympic windsurfing class is nearing completion on the basis of Yug Sport Federal State Budgetary Institution. On the penultimate day of the regatta, Stephanie Elfutina secured her first place. Here is what the press service of the VFPS reports:

Elfutina already has gold

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From the very beginning of the championship, its participants were waiting for the wind. And he was lazy and blew weakly. But on Saturday, finally, took pity on the athletes: the race was held in the wind from 10 to 15 knots. The picture was supplemented by waves of almost three meters.

The organizers of the regatta held seven races: four in men and three in women.

After the second race of the day, it became clear that the leader of the Russian national team Stefania Elfutina secured an early victory in the championship. The rivals did not even have a theoretical chance to beat the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. In 11 races with two emissions, Stephanie scored 10 points.

“Stefania was just rolling this regatta,” said the trainer of the athlete Viktor Ayvazyan. – She needed to take no lower than fourth place in order to officially become the first number of the team. In principle, Stefania has already selected for the Games in Tokyo. She is now in good shape, and further we will work on an increasing basis. Now there will be an adjustment of plans, we will see where to train. Most likely, it will be Vilamoura or Cadiz. Then we will go to the World Cup in New Zealand, unless, of course, they transfer it. ”

But for a silver and a bronze medal a tough battle unfolded. An athlete from St. Petersburg Anna Hvorikova finished third in the first race, and then twice lost only to the team leader.

“Finally, a fresh wind came, and we normally went on the fins – everything was as I like,” Anna Hvorikova shared after the races. – In the first race, I came to the first sign of the leader, and with a good margin, but tactically wrong – very early turned into the shore. And there the wind, firstly, is weaker, and secondly, it’s a little “setting.” Plus there was a strong current, people "from the sea" "flew" past. And when I approached the gate, I got such an overlay: the wind is blowing around, but I stand and can not do anything. Because of this mistake, Polina Firsova traveled right around the gate. In the second and third races, I did not take any chances and just went where there is more wind. In the end, everything worked out. ”

At the end of Saturday, Anna scored 23 points and ahead of the world champion among juniors Muscovite Yana Reznikova. For a 16-year-old athlete, the fresh wind is not very convenient, although on the eve she admitted that she really wants to try her hand at good speeds. However, three fifths of the parishes threw Jan into third place. And to win back from Anna four points, which are now shared by the athletes, for one remaining race it will be extremely difficult – almost impossible.

“Now the girls are attracted to Stefania, and in some weather they even compete with her,” said Victor Ayvazyan. – This is very nice: there is hope that in the future someone else will grow from the stars. The guys also have very strong competition, and young people are getting better. Here and now the first three stood out very strongly – Askerov, Aivazyan and Burmistrenko. They will play medals among themselves. ”

The intrigue in men spun to the limit. After four races held on Saturday, Alexander Askerov took the lead – he has 19 points. Two points more – Vladislav Burmistrenko, three points – Eugene Ayvazyan. In fact, before the medal race, for which double points are awarded, the guys are in an equal position. And the champion of Russia will be the one who can better tune in for one remaining start.

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