Dream death

May 8, 2019

      Dream death
      According to the New Zealand newspaper New Zealand Herald, in early May in Panama, yachtsman Alan Calvoreel was killed as a result of an attack by pirates on anchored yacht.

Dream death

Pirates shot him when he tried to protect his family, and his wife was attacked with a machete. It all happened in the province of Guna Yala, near Morodub Island, a popular tourist resort. The yachtsman was killed, his wife was wounded, and an 11-year-old daughter also received a blow to the head. The attackers stole the outboard motor and fled from the yacht.

The woman found the strength to contact a friend in New Zealand who organized help. Two hours after the attack, three men were arrested.

Panama President Juan Carlos Varela apologized on local television to the Calverwell family.

For the family, this was the tragic end of the “dream trip”, for which they sold the house in New Zealand and bought a 65-foot yacht to go from the USA to New Zealand.

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