Do not lose vigilance!

Another everyday – and instructive – story. Two Brits (both a little over 40) decided on Wednesday to relax under sail and went on the boat from Brighton to Gosport.

Distance is small – about 50 miles. Halfway, one of the British decided to go down to the gas stove to make coffee. Later in the hospital with severe burns to both hands – he said: it seemed to him that it seems to be a smell of gas, but the values that he didn’t care. Struck a lighter and…

Well, you understand: there was an explosion. Less than a minute the whole boat was in flames. Had to jump in the water. And wait for a rescue boat, and immediately followed by a coast guard helicopter.

The moral is simple: friends, do not lose vigilance!

And the yacht (or rather, what was left of it) now on the bottom.

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