Denis Taradin – the first in the ranking!

As the press service of the Sailing school “Krestovsky Ostrov” with reference to the Formula Kite page on Facebook, Denis Taradin climbed to first place in the world ranking for the kite.

After four conducted in this season of tournaments, the first five positions of the world rankings in men’s and women’s look like this:

1. Denis Taradin (Russia)
2. Nicolas Parle (France)
3. Theo de Ramaker (France)
4. Nico Landauer (Uruguay)
5. Evan Heffernan (USA)

1. Kirstin O’brien (USA)
2. Daniel frost (USA)
3. Jingle Chen (China)
4. Alexia Fancelli (France)
5. Natalie Flintrop-Clark (Australia)

Dennis, keep it up! Greetings from Yacht Russia!

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