Deep-water apparatus, from U-Boat Worx can dive to 1700 meters

In recent years, the Dutch from U-Boat Worx (UBW) has produced many futuristic deep-sea submersibles, including the Sub 2 with the design in the style of a Ferrari and a Sub 3, which is increasingly found in the garage of some famous mega-yacht. The latest addition to the fleet UBW was the so-called C-Researcher, who is alleged to be the world’s first private submarine capable of diving to a depth of 1700 meters (5577 feet).

In UBW argue that novelty for a long time will not be equal. C-Researcher can equally well serve for fun and for serious scientific research. For this purpose the device is equipped with a variety of options including hands-manipulators, sonars, HD cameras and parametric modprofiler the bottom, which is used by an archaeological expedition.

The most striking feature of C-the Researcher is transparent cabin in the form of a large acrylic bubble with a 360 degree. It has seats for two passengers – scientists or observers and one pilot. In UBW they say that the world’s first spherical acrylic capsule that can withstand pressure at a depth of 1700 meters.

The device can dive to depth and climb back using the lifting mechanism on the companion ship or on their own with the help of electric motors, and ballast compartments. It has a unique clutch system with the hoisting cable, which will provide embarkation and launching in almost any weather conditions.

C-Researcher relatively compact and extremely lightweight. In the development of its design and choice of materials UBW came from the extensive experience gained in the establishment and operation of previous models. The unit will fit in the garage of super-yachts, and for transporting it along with all the additional equipment you will need one 6-meter container.

The cost of the device is not openly known. It can be obtained upon individual request to the address of the U-Boat Worx.

Source: U-Boat Worx

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