Danish Yachts is a marine Humvee

Interesting news for those who always dreamed about the sea SUV. In the Treasury ready for the construction projects of the Danish shipyard Danish Yachts came true marine Hummer (Hummer of the Seas).

This unusual Multihull vessel is a cross between a catamaran and a vessel of the type SWATH (Small Water Plane Area Twin Hull) with a small area of the waterline. In recent decades, this design is increasingly common in the commercial and military sectors. SWATH vessels are expensive, but have high speed characteristics, increased performance and overstability even in storm conditions.

To date, Danish Yachts is one of the few who actively uses and develops technology SWATH in the construction of private vessels. The shipyard has already completed five similar projects, and the new Hummer of the Seas will be the sixth. Its architecture is a proprietary development of the company, and in creating the exterior and interior participates widely acclaimed designer Espen Øino.

Obviously, the main feature of the Hummer of the Seas is the case. Its maximum length is 50 meters (164 ft), width – 17 meters (55 feet 8 inches). Depending on the current task, the ship will be able to go from “catamaran” in SWATH mode: required speed – fit first, you need to pass the stormy seas the second. This process takes 90 seconds and is essentially an immersion/emersion (by means of compressed air inside the pontoons). Mode SWATH Hummer of the Seas is able to walk confidently in waves with a height of 2.5 meters.

More information about the project will arrive in the coming months.

  • Danish Yachts A/S – professional in ship construction from carbon composite materials with a length of from 16 to 45 meters. The shipyard is located in the Danish town of Skagen, where he owns a manufacturing facility that occupies over 9 500 sq. m. including construction of hangars, own joinery and metal workshops.

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