Cup of the Princess Sophia, the fourth day

Another report by special correspondent Yacht Russia Anton Shibaeva about what is happening at distances the jubilee, the 50th regatta Trofeo Princesa Sofia IBEROSTAR 2019, which continues in Mallorca

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“Finally the wind blew” – yesterday I heard this phrase from many athletes. Indeed, early in the morning West breeze blew with a force of 15 catch gusts reaching up to 20. In Palma Bay appeared a palpable wave.

Only here for lightweight women’s crews and there was a lot in the silver fleet 49er FX, this wind was too much. In the first race of more than 10 boats were upside down at the top of the sign. However, the team of Zoe Novikova and Diana Sabirova coped with rounding and eventually finished in 6th place. Repeat in the next two races, this result could not, but this is the team’s targets and not worth it.

“What a young team copes with the boat in such a wind, promising, – says Vadim Pusev, the coach of the school “Krestovsky island”. This became possible as a result of our winter training in Portugal. And the results, I think, not long to wait.”

Improved the results the team of Paul Sozykin and Denis Gribanov – 11th and 14th wards. Now the guys at the 12th place in the 470 class, and a chance to get into the medal race they have saved.

“The boat is configured, and the team can show the result, but we need to work on my starts,” he said after the race the coach of the team Mikhail Zabolotnov.
Today is the last day of fleet racing, and yachting remains a final opportunity to improve your results.

Here those who are now in the lead, and the place of Russians.

470 (men). (after 8 races). 1. Anton Dahlberg/ Fredrik Bergstrom (Sweden) – 29 points (with one outlier). …12. Paul Sozykin/ Denis Gribanov – 79. (Silver fleet). 52. Christian Czech/ Victor Tarasov – 131.

470 (women). (after 8 races). 1. Camille of Lecointre/ Alois Retorno (France) – 32 points (with one outlier). …28. Alisa Kirilyuk/ Angelica Chernyakhovskaya – 159.

49er. (after 8 races). 1. Dylan Fletcher/ Stewart Bitell (UK) – 25 points (with one outlier). …11. Jan Cech/ Ivan Zotov – 63. (Silver fleet). 69. Konstantin Nosov/ Alexander Gaydaenko – 133.

49erFX. (after 8 races). 1. Martin, Soffietti Graal/ Kahena Kunze (Brazil) – 47 points (with one outlier). (Silver fleet). 36. Zoya Novikova/ Diana Sabirova – 186.

Finn. (after 8 races). 1. Andrew Maloney (New Zealand) – 28очков (with one outlier). …35. Vladimir Krutskikh – 163. 36. Arkady Kistanov – 168. (Silver fleet). 56. Michael Yatsun – 129. …85. Yury Polovinkin – 279.

Laser. (after 8 races). 1. Christopher Barnard (USA) – 41 points (with one outlier). …29. Sergey Komissarov – 135. …47. Maxim Nikolaev – 187. (Silver fleet). 67. Daniil Krutskikh – 124. …115. Dmitry Bondarenko – 251. …138. Cyril Evfimievski – 204.

Laser Radial. (after 8 races). 1. Anne-Marie Rind (Denmark) – 29 points (with one outlier). …46. Maria Kisluhina – 192. …49. Yekaterina Zyuzina – 201. …59. Valeria, Lomachenko – 251. (Silver fleet). 75. Catherine Birch – 172. …79. Ekaterina Morgun – 182. …96. Ekaterina Guseva – 253.

Nacra 17. (after 12 races). 1. Jason Waterhouse/ Lisa Darmanin (Australia) – 52 points (with one outlier). (Silver fleet). 35. Maxim Semenov/ Alina Schetinkina – 129. …53. Sergey Dzhienbaev/ Sofia Kiseleva – 237.

RS:X (men). (after 8 races). 1. Hao Chen (China)) – 30 points (with one outlier). …4. Vladislav Burmistenko – 66. …6. Alexander Askerov – 81. …9. Eugene Aivazian– 94. ……25. Maxim Tokarev – 171.

RS:X (women). (after 8 races). 1. Yue tan (China) – 26 points (with one outlier). …24. Maria Lemenkov – 162.

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