Cup of the Princess Sophia, the fifth day

In Majorca coming to the end of the jubilee, the 50th regatta Trofeo Princesa Sofia IBEROSTAR 2019. Reports the special correspondent of Yacht Russia Anton Shibaev.

© Anton Shibaev

Mandatory part of the program of the jubilee regatta is completed, the left to hold the medal race, and it is now possible to summarize the main results.

One of the main events of the day for us was the retirement of Paul Sozykin and Denis Gribanov 470 class in the medal race. The team was able to climb three positions, finishing in ninth place in the final Protocol. Thus, today, the guys will continue their performance.

“Our goal was to get into the medal race. Each of today’s race we had to finish very well, and we did it, – said Shkotovo team Denis Gribanov. – In the first race, came fifth, but due to the fact that the leaders of the Swedes – had a false start, we climbed to the fourth position. In the second race and came 12th, and that was enough to get into the top ten. Speaking about Saturday’s race, our goal is to try to climb higher in the standings”.

Class RS:X in the top 10 included Vladislav Burmistenko (4th place) and Alexander Askerov (7-e), they too will be released today at the start. Only here, unfortunately, to compete for the prize will not be able, too big a gap from the nearest rivals of almost 30 points.

Our other athletes are not able to get into the medal race, although some of them also showed good results. So, Sergey Komissarov in the Laser Standard class six times finished in the top ten! Alas, two failure did not allow him to get into the medal race.

“Today’s result I’m happy to finish in the gold fleet in the first ten is a good level, especially considering that race came the strongest riders, and the level of struggle it can be compared to the world championship, – said Sergey. –Failure on Thursday has more to do with the unstable weather. Three minutes after the start we just stopped for lack of wind, and the riders who chose the right side, at the same time came to gliding. Five minutes we just stood, and there was nothing I could do about it. But when we got to the top mark, the wind changed direction 60 degrees… These races happen, they need to experience and make conclusions. We have talked with the coach about how it was possible to foresee this development and how to avoid such situations in the future.”

Also worth noting is the level of Jan Cech and Ivan Zotov in the 49er class – 15-e a place in the final Protocol demonstrates the high potential of the team. The boys are quite capable to compete for prizes.

Here the leaders before the medal race and the place of Russians.

470 (men). 1. Anton Dahlberg/ Fredrik Bergstrom (Sweden) – 45 points (with one outlier). …9. Paul Sozykin/ Denis Gribanov – 95. (Silver fleet). 53. Christian Czech/ Victor Tarasov – 169.

470 (women). 1. Hannah mills/ Aled McIntyre (UK) – 37 points (with one outlier). …30. Alisa Kirilyuk/ Angelica Chernyakhovskaya – 211.

49er. 1. Dylan Fletcher/ Stewart Bitell (UK) – 49 points (with one outlier). …15. Jan Cech/ Ivan Zotov – 115. (Silver fleet). 69. Konstantin Nosov/ Alexander Gaydaenko – 152.

49erFX. 1. Martin, Soffietti Graal/ Kahena Kunze (Brazil) is 64 points (with one outlier). (Silver fleet). 39. Zoya Novikova/ Diana Sabirova – 234.

Finn. 1. Andrew Maloney (New Zealand) – 35 points (with one outlier). …35. Vladimir Krutskikh – 222. …38. Arkady Kistanov – 241. (Silver fleet). 58. Michael Yatsun – 159. …86. Yury Polovinkin – 364.

Laser. 1. Christopher Barnard (USA) – 67 points (with one outlier). …21. Sergey Komissarov – 154. …51. Maxim Nikolaev – 287. (Silver fleet). 69. Daniil Krutskikh – 151. …116. Dmitry Bondarenko – 348. …144. Cyril Evfimievski – 275.

Laser Radial. 1. Anne-Marie Rind (Denmark) – 69 points (with one outlier). …42. Yekaterina Zyuzina – 257. …53. Maria Kisluhina – 296. …58. Valeria, Lomachenko – 322. (Silver fleet). 67. Catherine Birch – 190. …73. Ekaterina Morgun – 208. …93. Ekaterina Guseva – 289.

Nacra 17. 1. Jason Waterhouse/ Lisa Darmanin (Australia) – 69 points (with one outlier). (Silver fleet). 39. Maxim Semenov/ Alina Schetinkina – 193. …52. Sergey Dzhienbaev/ Sofia Kiseleva – 292.

RS:X (men). 1. Michael Cheng (Hong Kong) – 51 points (with one outlier). …4. Vladislav Burmistenko – 101. …7. Alexander Askerov – 120. …20. Evgeny Ayvazyan– 184. ……26. Maxim Tokarev – 210.

RS:X (women). 1. Yue tan (China) – 28 points (with one outlier). …33. Maria Lemenkov – 262.

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