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Turkey imposes curfew, but not for long…

In Turkey today ends a month of fasting comes the Eid ul-Fitr (which in Turkey is called Ramadan Bayram). However, to prevent the spread of the virus from may 23 to 26 throughout the country will be re-imposed curfew with the prohibition of access to the street. This measure was announced by the country’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on may 18. But after the holiday the authorities are preparing to cancel the quarantine and open the tourist season.

Recently in the news was information that Turkey has opened its borders to citizens of 31 countries. Among them are Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, a number of countries in Europe and the Middle East. In fact it is not. We contacted the Consulate to explain the situation.

Here’s what we found out: “Turkey opens, but only for “medical tourism”. The list of medical profiles for which Turkey is ready to receive aliens for treatment vast: orthopedics and traumatology, General surgery and pediatric surgery, urology, ophthalmology, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, Oncology, neurosurgery, Hematology, intensive therapy and reproductive therapy. Entry by air is possible only through the airports of Istanbul and Ankara. Together with the patient can enter two attendants. At the border foreigners are required to present a certificate of lack Covid-19 (valid for 48 hours) or to be tested already on arrival (this service will be paid). During the flight to Turkey and for the customs checks travelers are required to be masked. After going through all the entry procedures to the patients and accompanying persons must go immediately to the clinic and remain on its territory during the entire course of treatment. In hospitals the area where it will be treated by foreigners, enclose.”

Some of the Russian sailors during the epidemic was locked in Turkey on their yacht. We asked them to comment on the situation:

Andrey Kolyada:

“Yes, the curfew for the holidays, Ramadan Bayram, cover the whole Turkey for 4 days. But after that promise (according to rumors from the market, and they still come true with accuracy of 99%) with curfews to end and slowly open. Last week has opened several shopping centres, but still it is impossible to walk along the quays, out to the beach and swim, you still can’t go outside to children up to 20 years and those over 65. Opened communication between some of the provinces, which was closed (for example, it is now possible to travel from Antalya and muğla province, Marmaris or Fethiye). Still closed provinces of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and some others.”

Andrew When:

“Nothing really has changed in the last month. The sea is open, you can walk within one province and between provinces open. This is right for Marmaris to Bodrum and just a little further. To the East, without limitation, the sea is open to all, to Mersin for sure, and maybe Adana too. According to the rules of the yacht can be for two, but many Turks and four to go fearlessly. In the curfew, which will come soon, have to sit on the boat forever, but in the bays, where many were at anchor, no one never checked”.

So expect good news in the very near future. We will monitor developments.

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