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Croatia opens the border!

Last Friday received the first kind and encouraging news for Russian yachtsmen and Charter agencies in recent times. Croatia opens its borders for foreign citizens. The basis for the entry could be not only the fact of possession of the yacht, but the contract for her rent. For crossing the border must present a completed crew list. The requirement to stay in the 14-day quarantine/isolation shot. Charters run from may 30.

We were asked to comment on this information lead Manager in the yacht Charter Yulia Slitheen from Russian Charter Agency FairySail:

“Indeed, according to the latest official document published on the website of the Ministry of transport of Croatia (Implementation of the Decision on the Temporary Ban on Crossing the Border Crossings of the Republic of Croatia Maritime Trade and Nautical Tourism) yacht Charter and/or use of accommodation services on Board ships, yachts and boats is the major economic reason for coming to Croatia. The basis for such arrival must be confirmed by the role of the ship (crew-list) with a list of all passengers who should be included in the electronic system eNautika the Charter company or the boat owner.

Of course, special attention in terms of the so-called “new reality”, will be given to health aspects (the presence of sanitizers, masks, instructions on the procedure of actions in case someone from the crew is suspected COVID19, respect for social distance in public places on the shore, the use of masks and gloves, etc.). All the nuances need to be clarified with the agent through whom you booked the yacht or with a representative of the Charter company before you arrive.

Our Croatian colleagues from the Charter companies at the moment are pinning their hopes on tourists from neighbouring countries, where sailors will be able to reach by car. For Russian sailors, hungry for the sea, the main appeal to the planning and booking of yachts in Croatia will be the opening of the Russian borders, the resumption of flights and the lack of 14-day quarantine after returning.

We, on the other hand, I sincerely hope for a favorable scenario, namely, the opportunity to go to Croatia, Greece, Turkey and other popular summer destinations for yachting in the middle of July.”

The document, published on the website of the Croatian Ministry of transport.

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