Council WS doesn’t want to be a political tool

According to the website of the WFTU, in Sarasota (USA) at the meeting of the Council of World Sailing was considered the most important question for Russia – the proposal (submission) Federation of sailing sport of Ukraine (FPS) about the exclusion of Russia from the members of the World Sailing.

Claim FPSO was the fact that the all-Russia Federation of sailing held on the territory of Crimea regatta, not coordinating them with the Ukrainian side. The stumbling block: FPSO considers Crimea a territory of Ukraine, and ryf – the territory of Russia.

In Sarasota were: from the Russian side – the General Secretary of the WFTU Oleg Ilyin, a lawyer Laurence Walch, Jan Dobrzycka, Tatiana Ermakova, Anastasia Chernova and Natalia Chubenko; from the Ukrainian side, the President of sailing Federation of Ukraine, Rodion Luka and lawyer Sergei Black.

During the preparations for the Conference World Sailing during which the Russian delegation, especially Mr. Walch, carried out a great job. For five days the representatives of the WFTU persistently negotiated with FPSO hoping to make a decision about the competitions in the Crimea and Sevastopol.
A Ukrainian delegation, meanwhile, was sent to members of the Board WS letter with these words: “After the illegal annexation of Crimea to Russia there is no more regulated competition, it’s competition, no more fairness and integrity. No long-term program of social and environmental security, there is no partnership, no legal power.”

That is, the aim is to destroy the sailing sport in the Crimea and squeeze out of the WFTU, an organization representing Russia.

“The Russian side made a huge effort to find a compromise, but, unfortunately, our Ukrainian colleagues clearly do not want to negotiate, – said Yana Dobicka. – It seems that the purpose of their submission is not even the fact that the WFTU was expelled from the World Sailing, and that using the proposal to force the WFTU to abandon the development of sails in the Crimea and Sevastopol. We respect Rodion Luka as an athlete and believe that he’s not going to hurt sailing, but I guess political order dictates the rules of the game. That is Ukraine has given up sailing for the Crimea and wants to force you to do the same and Russia!”

“All efforts to negotiate and all the concessions were made only by the Russian side, Ukraine has not made a single step forward. And the President of the World Sailing Kim Anderson saw it, – said Tatiana Ermakova. We came out with a proposal on cooperation and joint conduct of the competition, but Ukraine was not ready for such developments”.

In the situation with the submission from Ukraine had three choices: the WS Board could postpone the decision, the WS Board could reject the request of Ukraine, Ukraine could withdraw its request. The last option would be possible if in the course of negotiations the Russian and Ukrainian sides would come to an agreement that would suit everyone.

Actually there was a fourth option – the exclusion of Russia from the World Sailing. But this outcome was too incredible: the position of Russia in WS the strong, Russia has done much for the world of the sail, so nobody even talked about that.

What the Sailing World does not want to consider submission of Ukraine, because the whole question lies in the political arena and should not be considered by WS in accordance with the Constitution, it was clear from the beginning. WS wanted the parties agreed and the proposal generally would not have to consider. In the framework of the Conference a constitutional Committee strongly contributed to the negotiation process and in the end didn’t even give the advice WS no recommendations for the upcoming decision. That is, any decision on the proposal from the Ukraine and was not planned!

Consideration submission went very quickly. Was told short of words representative of the constitutional Committee, Graham Mackenzie, President FPSO by Rodion Luka, a member of the Board of WS Walter Cavallucci, a representative of the group of countries which includes Ukraine, Tomas Chameroy. After that, the President of the World Sailing Kim Anderson, not even waiting for the statements of the parties, took the microphone and went to the WFTU and FPSO with a proposal to negotiate in the next 12 months.

It was voted 35 members of the Council of the WS 41.

Such actions, underscores the website of the WFTU, the WS Board has made it clear that he does not want to become a political tool in the hands of the Ukrainian Federation, is not going to discuss politics and generally get involved in political issues.

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