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The impressive victory of the Brazilian crew Robert SATA and Henry Bonin on Friday, December 7 in Nassau finished the qualifying round in the finals of the Star Sailors League this season. Elena Tekina:

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On the final day of selection, five-time Olympic medalist to Sadtu managed to win three races out of four and finish the qualification with an incredible lead of 22 points from the American deuce mark Mendelblatt-Brian Faty. The third result is another one of the Brazilian crew – Jorge Zarif and Pedro Trush.

Under the rules of the SSL, get to the final top 10 teams from the 25 participating. Crews took places from 3rd to 10th, first chase in the quarterfinals, then the best five of them are in the semi-finals, which also automatically gets the owner of the second place of the qualifying round. The top three finalists meet in the final, directly falling back the winner of the qualifying series. Thus, the crew of Chadta immediately went to the finals, and Mendelblatt in the semi-finals.

The top 10 also managed to get finally showed itself on Friday in all its glory Paul Cayard. Slightly changing the configuration of his boat, the American team have added greatly to the speed and soared from 14 th from 7 th, posted 2-1-3-14 in four races of the day.

Dramatic fight for a place in the top ten was between the Olympic champion Swede Freddie Luffa and two-time Olympic medalist Lars Gralam. Brave Brazilian, who severe disability does not stop successfully sailing along with healthy athletes in the first race came on a false start, but not immediately noticed it and in the end missed the race. Before the last race both teams were equal on points, Lars 10 m, and Freddy is on the 11th place. In the race the Swede managed to finish 7th, and the Brazilian 10-m, but in the end in the top 10 got both, thanks to the failures of other crews. Very unlucky great speakers in the qualifying series to the Hungarian Somboru Barechu. Coming 15th in the last race, he flew from the top ten with equal points with Grabem, as the latter asset has been two victories.

According to Robert Seidt, before they reconfigured the boat, and it gave more advantage in speed. “We had good starts, we were in the right place and immediately pulled ahead, also we had good speed all together, it played a major role. Henry worked on maneuvers and showed the wind. After the first two good races, we felt more confident, and the rest of the day was fine.”

Winner of two gold and one silver Olympic medals, team tactics Artemis for the America’s Cup, the Briton Ian Percy returned to the Sunny Bahamas after two days of absence and together with his Swedish skotovi Anders Ekström has tried to recoup. However, after missing seven races of the series 9-6-6-6 was only enough for 22nd place in the overall. Despite this, the champion of the Olympic games in Beijing in the Star class was very pleased with the race. “I really had fun, although we just showed up and trained. Great to be back on this boat, it forces you to race truly. I would like to return here next year.”

Among those who will not be able to compete in the finals for the title of the main star of the season-2018, in addition to the crews of Ian Percy and steering team Luna Rossa for the America’s Cup, Francesco Bruni, were Russian team George Shaiduko and Vitaly Kushnir. Missed the first day of qualifications, the crew was not able to move forward and eventually took the last place. According to Shkotovo, Odessa Vitaly Kushnir, without special physical training is good to chase Star with a strong wind and high wave is almost impossible. Moreover, boats of the class “Star” require great athletic shape not only from Shkotovo, but also from the steering. Without serious efforts both in the fresh wind it is impossible to effectively otkrenivat or use “pumping” or rock the boat at full courses.

As a result, the team did manage a good start, after the first few times looked like we were in the first half of the fleet, but then lost. According to steering, silver medalist in Atlanta George Shaiduko, to race in this top event was as always very difficult and hard, especially did not complete courses.

“The first day a lot was lost, the four race to the chase, it’s hard to catch up. Need every race to give everything – and not going anywhere, here are chasing the real wolves of the sea, who have passed all the crucible sailing and have achieved the greatest titles in the world have. I can say that the class “Star”, probably especially interesting today for finniston and Lazariston. I invite guys, we will try to do some events where they can try yourself in this wonderful class that is already 108 years exists. Built very good Constitution class, the class is free, reliable and relatively budget. A lot of the competition takes place in the world, there is a new formula of racing, the top competitions are now held under the auspices of the SSL. There will earn points each the steering and Shkotovo, is rating. And most interesting is that getting into the top ten of this ranking gives the opportunity to race in the final SSL”.

Today, December 8, the first start of the last day of the regatta is scheduled for 11.00 am local time (19.00 GMT). In each of the finals is scheduled for one shortened the race to make and so very exciting matches even more dynamic. The forecast promises the same great North-East wind at 12-18 knots and high waves.

Live stream to watch here

Full results here – ssl finals-5

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