Come Back. A new set

Pride Wellness Club — closed family country club, located on the banks of the Moscow river, in the village of Zhukovka-XXI. The club is a special centre of attraction for people who love movement, sports, healthy lifestyle, high quality and true comfort.

The program will Come Back is a three-month course for women, United in a group of 5 to 12 people, developed by professional trainers and nutritionists Pride Wellness Club specifically for members of the club. It is based on intense exercise combined with a balanced diet and lifestyle coaching.

Start of program: January 23, 2019
The finish of the program: April 24, 2019

Three months is the ideal period for systematic changes without stress to the body. This is a smooth upgrade eating habits. Under the influence of regular exercise normalizes hormonal balance, and reduction of VEA would be a nice bonus. Feature of the program lies in the personal approach to each participant is fixed the curators that provide timely support and motivate new feats. Intensive training program, personalized nutrition plan, regular meetings with the curators and Wellness Director will help participants to achieve results, feel Wellness the philosophy of Wellness Club Pride continue to support a healthy lifestyle.

Come Back is a program that helps to achieve results. Proof of this are projects with great success in winter and spring 2018. During these six months, the girls not only gained the desired shape and improve their health, but also teamed up in the local club community. In addition to joint training, regular meetings and daily support each other in achieving various goals, now they share a joint holiday and friendship families.

The draft and the coaches also revealed to the participants the new fitness horizons. Together with a team of trainers Pride Wellness Club girls participated in the two extreme starts 2018 “Race of heroes” and “Become a man”.

The program

Training program (4 times per week)
Interval aerobic training (functional)
Aerobic-strength training (sculp)
Cardio (Hiking, tai-fit)
Myofascial release (deep stretch)
Vertical water (Aqua)
Personal nutrition plan
The ration formulation, monitoring of body composition (bioimpedance analysis)
Lifestyle coaching
Regular meetings with the Wellness Director, Wellness Club Pride and curators program


10% off all Spa services at the time of the program
Special menus from restaurant Wellness Club Pride

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