Club Cup: a start

June 4, 2019

      Club Cup: a start
      How many regattas take place on Saturdays in Moscow and Moscow region? Last Saturday, June 1, one more passed – the Club Cup project started.

Club Cup: a start

This “small step for humanity” is more than just “another regatta”. After all, for the first time six yacht clubs have agreed TOGETHER to conduct a series of competitions.

This is a serious step in the development of the club yacht movement, which showed that clubs can not only compete for customers, but also unite for the sake of a beautiful idea. At the opening, everyone repeated in chorus: “How have they not done this before?” And “It's great that you can show yourself and see people!”

Of course, every yacht club wants to be the best both in the distance and in the organization of its stage. For the premiere, the organizers chose a “fun” class of dinghy – eM-ka and the waters of the picturesque bay. Hospitable Soho Sailing Style took the risk and the honor to open the Clubs Cup.

Seven yacht clubs of Moscow, the Moscow Region and St. Petersburg came to measure themselves: Soho Sailing Style, Sailing Academy, SportFlot, PIRogovo, Wind Power, Zig Zag and PROyachting.

On the day of the event, at the briefing, an additional intrigue was born: the organizers invited the participants to choose the format of the competition – the draw for self-tuning of the boat or the race with a transfer.

Unanimously, participants voted for the format of races with a transfer, and went to the water (some train, others get used to the new boat).

The new water area was also surprised by the wind conditions: the winds at 45 degrees kept the participants in the tone and, of course, the panel of judges. The races were short, but very dynamic. As a result, given six starts under different wind speeds from 4 to 10 m / s.

We thank for the patience and work of those who ensured refereeing: Natalya Lobova – chairperson of the State Committee, Tatyana Bedyagina – chief secretary, Alexander Ermolaev – chairman of the PC, Dmitry Zolotov – chief installer.

In the final protocol, the top three ranked very tightly:

PROyachting, Mikhail Loskov, helmsman – 1st place (12 points)

Wind Power, helmsman Andrei Kipyatkov – 2nd place (13 points)

SportFlot, steering Konstantin Danko – 3rd place (13 points)

“We believe that club competitions are a very important stage in the development of sailing. This is a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other, learn from each other and make contacts for future possible interesting projects, says the stage winner Mikhail Loskov. – I would very much like to see the competitions turn into friendly club meetings. Excitement and struggle at a distance, communication between participants before and after races. I was pleasantly surprised that colleagues from St. Petersburg showed interest in our competition. ”

Stage 1 – this is only the beginning of the first points in the piggy bank of the overall rating. We are waiting for five more colorful meetings on the water. Different sites, different classes.

More regattas good and different!

Alexandra Didychenko
Head of the Sailing Center Konakovo River Club

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