Clear Ocean Pact declares war on disposable plastics on superyachts

To combat the increasing volume of plastic waste entering the oceans, has earned non-profit organization Clear Ocean Pact.

By 2050 the oceans will be more plastic than fish, as 10,000 members of the crews of the superyachts are drinking approximately 3.2 million plastic water bottles. The remaining packaging is 100 tons of waste!

Clear Ocean Pact has prepared a plan, called 5P. Simply put, these are the five fundamental areas of work of the organization.

The first P – Picture, said about the need to raise awareness of the issue of “plastic crisis” in all yachting organisations, to enable them to see themselves as actors in addressing the global problem. In other words, we are talking about the formation of ecological thinking in General.

The second P – Plot, calls on all organizations to plan for the current usage of disposable plastic and mark what you can change.

The third P – Pledge, asking them to publicly declare their commitment on a specific targeted programmes, introducing a common volume of consumption of plastic.

The fourth P – Plan, encourages leaders of organizations of the yachting industry to create a personal plan and begin to implement it.

Finally, the fifth P – Promote triggers to publish information about all the best practices in this field, to promote successful projects and thereby inspire others.

Clear Ocean Pact offers concrete solutions for reducing the volume of plastic waste on Board superyachts: the maximum possible rejection of the use of beverages in plastic bottles, the use of the filter for safe removal of particles of synthetic fibers when washing clothes in the machine, the complete elimination of all plastic disposable products, subject to the existence of alternatives.

It is noted that the interaction with the Ocean Clear Pact is voluntary.

To date, four of the yacht agreed to participate in the implementation of the program. The goal for 2020 to increase the number of superyachts partner Clear Ocean Pact to thousands.

“Like others, the problem of contamination of disposable plastic, widely raised in the media the last decade, has always attracted attention with my hand. However, I absolutely was not informed about those giant obstacles that we still face in order to remedy this situation and to stop the devastating effects on the oceans. Thanks to the Clear Ocean Pact, forming the foundations of which in 2017 was driven by the need to “do something” in regard to the pollution of plastic, begin to write a new Chapter in my yachting career with potentially the largest Peredistyy problem,” says Richard Orme (Richard Orme), founder of the Clear Ocean Pact.

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