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For Elena Tekinay not keep up. Just a few days ago she was in Valencia and now transfers from Cascais (Portugal) where it started the world championship in class RC44:

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Thursday, 27 September, Cascais with the great performance of the Russian team Bronenosec Sailing, headed steering Kirill Frolov and tactician by new Zealander Cameron This started the world championship in class RC44. The crew, representing the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg first day of racing was able to win two races of three and became the best among the eight teams from 6 countries taking part in the regatta.

The defending world champion Russian Team Nika’s Vladimir Prosikhin with Dean Barker as tactics, also representing the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg – took the day in third place with equal points with the second, which fell under the Monegasque flag Charisma Nico Punch with ray Davies on the position tactics.

Due to too light wind the first start was delayed until half of the third day, and then on all the time increasing from 12 to 18 knots North-West wind till six in the evening was very rapidly carried out all the three scheduled races.

The first of the two Russian teams came into the fight with each other. “Armadillos” put on the right side of the race, “nick” on the left, and to the upper sign our boats went out in the lead, almost simultaneously from two different ends of the race. The team of Vladimir Prosikhin was a little faster and was able to sign to be built ahead of the rival.

Both crews were gebalis almost simultaneously, “nick” was internal and could easily bring a fine teammate, as a rule adequate course in the class, but Vladimir decided not to push it and paid for it the first place. Gennaker on the “Battleship” opened for a second before “Nike”, and a bright blue boat jerked forward and the closed opponent against the wind “Nika” lost speed and became the second. After retiring the first full course to the right, seaward, to the gate “Battleship” came confidently being in the lead and kept his position until the finish, “nick” was in the second race.

In the second race at the “Battleship” failed launch, the yacht did not stand in line, but was forced to leave at the rear of the fleet at the first mark was only 6th. Going into the end of the fleet almost the entire race, on the last full course team again went right to the ocean, got the gain, were able to overtake three boats and finished 5th in the tracks for incoming 4th “Nike”. The leader of the season and the winner of the Golden helm of Charisma at the start are unable to find a place on line and was forced to withdraw on the second run. Starting last, team rose at the finish from the third place. The winner of the race was the Slovenian Ceeref, Igor La with tactician Adrian Stead, who was in the lead the whole distance.

By the third race the wind increased to 18 knots, and there was quite a high tide. This time both of our teams have chosen at the start of the right side. “Battleship” was launched from the bench of the ship, Nika close, but the tactics of “Battleship” only sent his boat right under the shore, despite starting to arrive tidal flow, and Nika stayed far right on the right tack.
High speed and good stock height allowed the boat Vladimir Prosikhin to go third on the sign, but “Battleship” on the right side got the sunset wind, and the first diffraction came in several lengths ahead of the fleet, and then continuing to work on the right side, got the lead and finished somewhere a mile ahead of everyone. Nika lost on the first full course two places and was not able to compensate for the gap, finishing fifth. Monegasque “Charisma” repeated his feat of the second race: the team was able to get to 6th place to 2nd at the finish line and thus secured second place in overall.

Steersman “of Battleship” Kirill Frolov was restrained in the estimates of the day, although very pleased with the excellent start of the regatta. In Cascais Cyril several times raced on the Sb20, but at the RC44 is only his second regatta. “Good first day, did everything I could. We had not the best starts, but then it all worked. Over the starts we need to work, we’re not being aggressive enough. At the speed I like, and generally Happy boat is a fast boat!”

The mainsail trimmer Alexander Ekimov very positively evaluated the work of the team “Worked quietly, calmly, without any fuss, what they wanted, we did. The speed was good and if we got into the corner, then came first. These boats are very sensitive: the more wind the better they are, but over here, it changes with the tide and a low tide at the start of the extension, and in the last race has changed direction. But less important as how you get in the gusts. We saw more than a wind break outside, so went in the sea. We had a great setting and cleaning of the gennaker, so we “hire” “nick” in the first race and then controlled the fleet. A very good day for us. Tomorrow there will be more wind.”

Happy racing day Mr Prosikhin commented on the team’s performance: “we had a very good start, we went up, very well held the line, kept the angle down but somehow, not fast enough. We have new sails, we have changed the cut, and there is a feeling that’s the issue. We never won any position on the full course, and lost three. Of course, we have no right to be bad (because of the 7-th place at the world Cup in Portoroz “nick” is on the 4th place in the season). From the results of the season under the emission of not going to the world Cup and last regatta of the year, ie this and the next regatta, so these two regattas have to move well, no room for error, although the main law in the sail – just to have fun. The place is great, wind is great, the heat will win-not win – still all great, this is my inner sense, will try to keep it!”

Today, September 28, according to the forecast wind to 20 + knots, the first start scheduled for 12:00 local time.

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