Came on the same rake


      Came on the same rake
      Austrian Norbert Sedlacek, who set out 34,000 nautical miles on an AAL Innovation yacht from basalt fiber on July 21 but was forced to return to Le Sables d’Olon, decided to postpone his record attempt to the next year.

Came on the same rake

Recall: AAL Innovation hit the west coast of Ireland in a violent storm, during which a jib was blown off in a gust of wind, and he fell into the water and entangled the keel and rudders. Sedlachek managed to release them only after numerous attempts.

On Monday, July 29, immediately after the skipper brought AAL Innovation to Le Sables-d’Olonn, the coast team began a thorough inspection of the vessel. The findings were disappointing. As expected, the rigging is badly damaged, but what is even worse is that microcracks have been found in some places.

Repair will take some time, which Sedlacek does not have. According to the plan, the AAL Innovation Canadian Northwest Passage should have come up before the ice has risen, but now it will not have time to do it. In this regard, Sedlacek decided to postpone the new start of the expedition for the next summer.

Recall that absolutely the same thing happened a year ago – and almost the same numbers. Then AAL Innovation just hit the storm off the coast of Ireland shortly after starting from Le Sables d’Alonne; I had to turn back and move the expedition to 2019.

I do not want to be ironic about what happened, but …

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