“Business vacation” in the summer camp Pride Wellness Club

Children of the first digital generation (born in 2003-2014) interested in science and technology, ask questions and voice assistants to instantly get the answers, eager to change the world and even in the elementary grades earn their first millions. And they are independent, devoid of illusions, thus making it difficult to make friends and to farm. Prohibit use of gadgets and social networks or fence from the challenges of the modern world – a short-sighted strategy for adults. Instead, you can teach a child to use technology in their favor, to lay useful skills and knowledge that will make his future successful and happy.

Sofia Ponkin at the age of 13 along with her parents opened the point Gluten Free at the Moscow food Mall “Depot”. Ninth-Peter Kulikov from Tyumen earns, making cakes and cupcakes to order. 16-year-old Swede, Greta Gunberg nominated for the Nobel peace prize, becoming the symbol of the struggle against climate change in the world.

The main emphasis of the summer camp, as always, made on the sports program: workouts in the pool, team games in the fresh air and daily physical activity. The concept of a “Business vacation” lay down the format of entertaining educational cities in the professions. The child will get a sense of the real world: we show, how does big business, in the form of a game offer to try yourself in different areas — from entrepreneurship to design and cooking. We do not forget about the simple baby joy: in our classes you can learn how to make a bird house or how to cook sweet treats.

6 reasons to choose camp:

  • Harmonious program, which combined educational classes, sports and creativity.
  • The team of trainers and teachers: 6 specialists Children’s club with specialized education, each with experience of working with children for over 10 years.
  • Sports facilities and outdoor pool.
  • Children and playgrounds in a closed landscaped grounds.
  • Balanced three meals a day: Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack from the chef of the restaurant Pride.
  • Special attention to the safety of each child.

Camp there for 7 years, each year renewing and adapting the program to new shifts.

Change the summer of 2019 will be from June 3 to July 27,

June: 3-15, 17-29, July: 1-13, 16-27. Perhaps a visit one day.

The program of the camp “Business vacation” Business unit

In play training, the children will see how works Wellness club: fitness and restaurant to back office and water treatment systems, analyze cases and participate in business games on the development of entrepreneurial thinking.


Coaches will teach the participants of the project various styles of swimming in the outdoor or indoor pool (the weather).

Experts will lay the basic skills of team sports, play football, volleyball, basketball, floorball and badminton outdoors.

Throughout the day connect blocks of the physical orientation (functional training, stretching, yoga).


Children will get acquainted with the paintings of great artists and try to repeat their work, learn to work with gold leaf, sanguine, charcoal, and acrylic paints and various techniques, color mixing and get the magic tones. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, van Gogh, Claude Manet, Klimt, Salvador Dali – partial list of names whose works are inspired by the child.

Cooking school

The children will learn to cook simple meals (eggs and omelettes, Greek and fruit salad), popular recipes (ovenable and berry cupcakes) and real Italian pizza.

Design and construction

Deal with the device the different mechanisms and shapes that make the layout your project on paper and bring it to life. For example, a wall clock made of papier-mache birdhouse from a tree or a vase of clay.

Creative workshops

Here the interest of the children will switch from gadgets on creativity: make together model of the solar system, make candles, bath bombs, beads, polymer clay, learn how to care for potted and outdoor plants.

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