Buerra stayed in France

February 21, 2019

      Buerra stayed in France
      This story about true sporting nobility and gentlemanly behavior was told today at www.sailingscuttlebutt.com. We can not share.

Buerra stayed in France

On the ice of Indian Lake Lake in the US state of Idaho last Tuesday ended the 2019 DN Gold Cup – the world championship for DN class boaters. In order to participate in the competitions, 110 people arrived, including 9 buyers from Poland. But…

The problem was that these nine had arrived, but their boat was not. Stuck at the airport Paris-Charles de Gaulle and, moreover, it is still there.

It was in this truly tragic situation for the Poles that the hosts showed a real sporting nobility. As a result, all nine were provided with boaters, and they were able to take part in the championship. Yes, how to take!

Four of the first five results of the tournament – on the account of the representatives of Poland. At the same time they took the whole pedestal. The champion was Michal Burchinsky.

Agree, cool story. By the way, the representative of Russia, Valery Dichenko, also spoke in Idaho. He became the 21st in the golden fleet.

Results 2019 DN Gold Cup –

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