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Beneteau Sense 57

The model lineup, which at the first presentation called revolutionary, went for the 7th year. Excellent “press” and stable sales success confirm: for the whole community Sense — dream-yacht. However, other shipyards are not in a hurry to create an alternative, giving Bavaria to enjoy a monopoly. Nonsense? Not at all.

Remember: a niche in which the “Kingdom” Sense, the French yacht Builder, did not invent. She was discovered as a result of extensive multi-year survey of owners. It turned out that most of them are enjoying a leisurely kreisiraadio in the Mediterranean, with long stops in secluded bays and quiet towns. And here in this use to yachts classic-plan “claims has accumulated”: the cockpit is spacious enough; the cabins are not enough daylight; feed is not well suited for “beach” functions; long and steep ramp at the entrance to the salon is traumatic and takes a lot of time/force; silence of the night humming breaking mechanisms; on the go under the motor aft cabins become “music boxes”; and “combat roll” I would like to minimize — inexperienced guests are afraid of it.

In an attempt to eliminate all those observations was born the concept of Sense. The case is made very wide (right vertbatim) to maximize volume and reduce roll. Therefore, greatly expanded the cockpit — the most livable place in good weather. The transom is completely open for good access to the sea. Geek-sheets removed on the developed the arch — it’s safer. Reduced height, but increased the wheelhouse, as “Steklov” last — in areas became lighter and review there maximum. From the aft cabins declined in the private use for many areas is not necessary, but the cockpit is lowered (the ladder to the room is only three steps). All the mechanisms, stowed beneath the cockpit, slightly audible from the cabin. And storage volumes (much needed during the journey) in the feed — the envy of many.

The “bonus” from the wide, stable hull — the ability to “load” sails. And this is not only the speed but also the security (more chances to “escape” from the storm to the nearest port). To minimize the risk bracing, used 2 rudder.

I broke 4 already Sense the boat is really light, well-planned, easy on the go and comfortable in the Parking lot. Very good at short transitions between the beautiful anchorage. But here’s the thing: the concept is clearly “odersky”, but its effectiveness is highly questionable Charter cabins little. And the Charter is 80% of the total market sales. That is why the rest of the shipyard are not at risk to compete with Beneteau in such a narrow marketing niche — Sense unique.

So, I’m on Board “fresh” Sense 57 (this is the “flagship” of the second generation, replacing the 55-th model). The most beautiful in the lineup: long, stocky body; lightweight sheer side; straight, close to vertical, the post; well-developed, wedge-shaped cabin. The impressive exterior is complemented by the “wings” aft soft-top and added the silhouette of individuality.

In terms of the yacht resembles a bullet to the back casing is almost narrowing. For maximum fullness almost from the midsection to the transom molded cheekbone. The transom — hinged: on the go it adds security, and the Parking lot serves as a bathing platform. And, in the stern of the hull is also molded platform, plus the platform turns a gorgeous beach (although the sun loungers spread).

In contrast to the Sense 55 at the “beginner” stationary steering seat. And under them — feed “galley”: a grill and a sink, with a capacious lockers for utensils and/or refrigerator. Very practical: barbecue can be done, periodically dipping, and splattered fat immediately washed overboard.

The second most noticeable difference of the new flagship — the already mentioned soft-top. It is no secret that the folding-unfolding of bimini (an arc that is usually “in conflict” with the boom) is often lazy, and skies want to see. The solution is borrowed from motor yachts: the usual Sense of augmented arch plastic and stainless “frame”, on longitudinal rails which slide runners of the tent — add/remove a bimini takes seconds. For sailing in the cold seas provided pristezhnye sidewall forming a closed cabin.

The cockpit is asymmetrical, elegant sizes. The right part of a dining group for six (plus two more for a folding table on the left). The push button mechanical lift table is lowered to the level of the seat, put on his pillow — get a bed 217х130 see the Day — Solarium, a hot summer night with a double bed under the stars. Another bed (single, 217х60) — on the left side. On the move the Central seat removed and the dining table folds in half — have a wide aisle and on the winches operate conveniently.

The lockers under the sofa on the right (there is mounted, for example, distiller), under the soles in the aisle, between the steering posts (for spas-raft). And under the seat left — full pantry, so deep that provided input planking. If you want this pantry serves as a skipper cabin.

Winches mounted on the coamings of the cockpit, you can work from, and (if you do not want to interfere with sitting) deck Potapkin. For all of the halyards and braces are provided lockers in the coamings. For the Scots Genoa made bags under steering consoles, but as for me, on the move sailing the longer the throw in the niche behind closed transom, where they are not confused. On kotovych winches can be run directly from the steering station — the length of arms is enough.

Deck and coach roof — spacious and flat (even hatches “flush”), they can jot down the mattresses and to arrange a Solarium and a Playground for children. On the bow is the bowsprit with integrated anchor roller and fittings “code 0”. Nose — voluminous sail locker.

Symbolic nut and just three steps — I’m at the salon. The room is wide and very bright thanks to the panoramic glazing of the cabin. On the left — dining group with roughly the same table and sofas, as in the cockpit. Moreover, and in terms of functionality: the table top extends and rises/falls, “working” the dining, the coffee, part double beds. Stand in the centre of salon — based folding benches, storage of telepanel (raised button) and simply usable area. But if the bench is folded, have free passage in the nose.

Aft sofa dining groups — and even the seat of the Navigator. Table full size, with a capacious lockers for maps and tool shelves next to all sorts of gamers. The Navigator is a full — sized table (it is now a save), another Chartplotter, shelves and lockers in sufficient (experience) number. The seat adjusts to the roll, but only on one side. The surface of the chart table, like many others, is laminated skin and looks noble, and all that lies, not rolled, even at 20 degrees roll.

The galley is spacious and well stuffed to the plate with oven, double sinks and two large refrigerators, there are holders bottles, mini-bar, Kargo and place for a dishwasher. Long korionova top with a regular lid over the stove (opens in a special sprung niche). At home.

The owner’s apartment — nose: large (210х160 cm) bed platform (up to a ceiling of 110 cm), table (under the laptop or make-up) with stool, shelves, capacious wardrobes. Bathroom divided into two rooms: to the left a shower room, to the right of the toilet. Side cabins — guest. Both double (210 cm length 16-110 cm wide), with private bathrooms.

Common to all cabins — sea light from the Windows and the opportunity to look around. There is no usual on most yachts “bilge” feeling. Even in gloomy weather (which we had on trials).

The “standard” yacht bunkered 415 litres of fuel and 640 liters of water. But optional supply of diesel doubled (!), and the volume pots of fresh water to bring to 970 L. the desalination plant, the ship will not for months to go to the Marina.

The engine is from 80 to 110 HP. Even under “low power” (we had) a boat goes 6 bonds at an economical 1800 rpm and 8 bonds in the maximum (2500). As for me, never have. But what’s not to like — access the engine: low hatches under the entrance ramp and the skipper of the storerooms. Some operations will have to do lying down.

Power same enviable (4.69) is about halfway between the fast cruisers (4.5, like the Oceanis 45) and “perfomance” (about 5 as First). In combination “grotto + code 0” is actually 5.15! And elongation (ratio of length at the design waterline to the cubic root of the displacement, of a wave characterizes the “slow” case) at the level of rogatnykh yacht (6.05). I remember on Sense 55 (with virtually the same sailing potential) we reveled in the speed and dynamics of the turn. But compared with the predecessor new Sense 57 failed — wind failed. The maximum that managed to “squeeze” out of the boat (mainsail + code 0) is nearly 6 knots at 120 degrees true 7-knots of wind.

By the way, about the extra sail. Says the head of the press Department of the shipyard Yves weigh in: “the Clientele is pathologically afraid of additional sails. We invite you to tests and show how “code 0″ is effective and simple in operation. Personally, after tasting, customers usually order and it.”
The yacht is responsive, obedient on the front and reverse. Review with the two (windward and leeward) steering stations I, too, was satisfied. The only thing: if you sit on the regular aft seats, the plastic “wings” soft-top on the tacking block indicators at Genoa. Want to move aboard (in race) — problem is over.


In General they are the same as those for the Sense 55 (which I ran in 4.5 years ago), because to quote myself: “this Amazingly spacious yacht with almost the catamaran of the size of the cockpit. In the Parking lot and under the motor, the comfort is unprecedented, as for the sailboat. The volume and illumination of salon and staterooms more typical of luxury motor yachts. On-the-go sailing with tourists-extremally on Board to avoid significant banks and to take a reef early “classmates” — and more comfortable, and safer. Conversely, the team of young, active and looking for the thrill of this boat in a strong wind pleasure “swartbooi” dynamics, adrenaline rolls and extraordinary speed.”

Add: the new flagship is even more comfortable due to the soft-top, a redesigned stern and grill galley under the control seats. I do not know how long sea crossings (the case certainly want to try), but for the journey “short dashes” in the Mediterranean sailing yacht Sense 57 is really close to ideal.

Author: Bogdan Parfenyuk

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