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For moreman of the North Atlantic and surrounding Northern Europe seas desired yacht fortress. In its sides does not place large Windows, narrow and certainly closed from the stern cockpit was ringed with a high coaming, the entrance to the cabin are often protected by the windscreen (and even prorubnoy)… But in the Mediterranean, where all these attributes only in the way to enjoy the sun, sea air and a free surf with gentle waves, more relevant was the antithesis of “Severianin”, with a large area of the deck and wide open cockpit. Like the sailing yacht Beneteau Sense 55.

A long low body with almost no deflection of the line side, almost vertical stem and a vast food — these are all yachts of the new line of Beneteau. For maximum fullness, even school almost from the midsection to the transom molded — constructors (Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design) explicitly sought to create a ship with “SmartMoto” stability of the shape. And so on the roll she was out of control (the bottom is quite flat-bottomed), here are two rudder.

On the nose, with two anchor guide rollers mounted regular gals “Code 0”, a little further down the deck – end of inner forestay. Under the hatch hides a voluminous sail locker. Before the mast molded “box” for overhead automatic headsail (optional).

On a wide deck walkways sailing yacht Beneteau Sense 55, go free, flat roof cutting flush hatches are also “living” – it is possible to sketch out the mattresses and make a Solarium and a Playground for children.

Feed is outside in the Parking lot here is arranged a large beach. But before going into flight down the steering seat is raised (by hand, it is spring loaded) low trancik, snap the clips of the rails – way is secured. Wheel two, all devices and screens Chartplotter duplicated on both steering post, the width between which the cart will pass.

Our yachts (and on all sailing Sense) under the cockpit, no living quarters. Hence, the first – big lockers (with doors on pnevmologika) in the left of which is equipped with the optional captain’s cabin (small, but in a good location of the vessel). Second, the cockpit, the coamings of which is extended maximally, the area approaches that of a catamaran. Security even had to make a stainless steel handrail along the passageway to staying on a roll.

Left – linear sofa and a passage in the cabin, to the right is the more familiar of motorized vessels on the table, covered by P-a sofa. Table, first, folding (double square), and secondly, equipped with a mechanical lift. Ie it can be a full-fledged dining (raised and unfolded), coffee (folded and slightly lower) or even double couches (folds out to lower the level of seats). Last, I think, extremely useful – in the summer Mediterranean heat, many sailors prefer to sleep in the fresh air, looking at the deck more-or-less horizontal space. And in the afternoon you can sunbathe.

All the running gear put to the coamings of the cockpit, which features two pairs of winches. On the front a few come halyards-wire-apenanti and geek sheet for navigation tips provided locker – all in the case. But the headsail sheets (for them – the aft pair of winches) are doomed to lie under their feet – they are folded to nowhere.
Above the entrance to the wheelhouse arch stands very useful. It – mount the crankshaft end of the boom-sheet, it is “parked” visor-mudguard, embedded it in the ceiling illuminate the cockpit in the evening, and bolted it to the grab bars is highly appropriate in bad weather. By the way, in normal options, is another arch – stern, on which are mounted antenna, solar panels and boat hoists.

One of the key features of Beneteau Sense 55 shallow (relative to the cockpit) salon. Symbolic nut and just three steps – you are in the cockpit. This, as well as large portholes, asked the customers themselves, a massive survey where Beneteau held a few years ago. Actually, the concept of the new model line was born and is the result of that poll.

So, the salon is wide and very bright thanks to the panoramic glazing of the cabin. On the left – dining group with roughly the same table and sofas, as in the cockpit. Moreover, and in terms of functionality: the table top extends and is raised/lowered electrically, “working” the dining, the coffee, part double beds. Stand in the center compartment – base for folding benches, storage of telepanel (also rises with the push of a button) and simply usable area. But if the bench is folded, have free passage in the nose.

Aft sofa dining groups – and even the seat of the Navigator. The Navigator is a full – sized table (it is now a save), another Chartplotter, shelves and lockers in sufficient (experience) number. Not everyone likes to sit facing the stern, but it’s easier to talk with the steering. The seat can be adjusted to roll, but only 15 degrees and only on one side. I also liked that the surface of the chart table, like many others, is laminated skin and looks noble, and all that lies, not rolled, even at 20 degrees roll.

To starboard is a huge and well-stuffed galley: stove with oven, two large refrigerators, double sink, dishwasher, bottle holders, cargo drawers… And long korionova top with a regular lid over the stove (opens in a special sprung niche).

From the salon in the nose leads to a corridor with doors in 3 cabins. Side – guest, double, with wardrobes, individually controlled air conditioning and private bathrooms. And in the nose – the owner’s apartment: one double bed on a podium, a table (for a laptop or make-up) with a stool, bookshelves. Bathroom divided into two rooms: to the left a shower room, to the right of the toilet. Common to all cabins – sea light from the Windows, there is no conventional on most yachts “bilge” feeling.

The boat is a fantastic autonomy: the supply of water and a half times more, than at “schoolmates”, and a fuel capacity of – two to three times. At a very modest (like 55-tucovica) 75-horsepower engine. Which, however, is enough to provide the ship with 5.5-6 knots cruising speed and 7 is the maximum.

But in the sense of a sailing yacht is strong: on the power (4,71) it is located about halfway between the “riders” (about 5 at the First or X-yachts), and cruisers (about 4.5 the majority Oceanis). And the relative elongation (ratio of length at the design waterline to the cubic root of the displacement, of a wave characterizes the “slow” case) and generally at the level of rogatnykh yacht (6,08). The potential, however! In a good wind under gennaker boat is very sporty, with the stern visual even something like “race car” class VO 70. Soft motion on waves, a long “sitting” in the surf – in a word, thrill and drive childish.

But only complete courses. On the tacking boat is also good walks (though it does not possess the slope), but a decent heel. And it turns out that the steering on the windward Board to sit on that (the seat is flat, no stops), and stand – so-so (deck stops little, I was bracing against the railing, unnatural raskoryachivshis). From the Lee side – a bit better, but half of the horizon was closed by a high Board. While sitting in the cockpit, too, begin to look for cozy places where to rest and “raskinetsya” for psychological comfort. And almost never find… And still confuse the low coaming of the cockpit from the side – flown on the windward potapkina comb will certainly splash on the seat.

In the weak wind (lucky on tests with different wind conditions) in the cockpit comfortably on the winches to operate convenient, comfortable steering and stand, and sit. But a bit annoying height of the superstructure: sitting (on regular shop), the steering looks only slightly above the deck, and when the feed falls on the wave front from a dead zone. Sat on the Board, “racing” – the problem is over.

At low speed the boat responds to vyalenko relaying helm. But it is a little to accelerate the responsiveness is great: to my surprise, such a solid ship rulelas even easier their younger counterparts (the day I tested and Oceanis 41-45-48). Moreover, without the stress on the wheel – centering is excellent.


Beneteau Sense 55 is a surprisingly spacious yacht with a catamaran almost the size of the cockpit. In the Parking lot and under the motor, the comfort is unprecedented, as for the sailboat. The volume and illumination of salon and staterooms more typical of luxury motor yachts. On-the-go sailing with tourists-extremally on Board to avoid significant banks and to take a reef early “classmates” – and more comfortable, and safer. Conversely, the team of young, active and looking for the thrill of this boat in a strong wind pleasure “swartbooi” dynamics, adrenaline rolls and outstanding speed.

Author: Bogdan Parfenyuk

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