British tourists rescued from a yacht that caught fire after a lightning strike

Nine British tourists were rescued from a burning fishing vessel yacht that was hit by lightning. The accident occurred near the island of Phuket (Thailand) on Saturday, November 3.

A group of tourists chartered a 50-foot boat Beneteau Cyclades Emmjay for a memorable vacation between the island of Phuket and the mainland. However, the enjoyment of peaceful views and the pleasure of travelling on the water ended in a few hours after leaving the Marina. Around 16:30 the ship was caught in a violent tropical storm. From the rampage of aggressive waves and wind, the crew hid in the cabin in hopes of waiting out a natural disaster with battened down hatches, listening to the thunder overhead. However, hanging out lonely among the waves of the yacht attracted the lightning strike which ignited Emmjay, making the ship safe in a burning hell.

Director Marina Viva Chichester (Wiwat Chitchertwong) said: “Police were notified at five o’clock in the afternoon, when it was raining heavily and lightning struck the boat. This caused a fire. People are already hiding inside the boat from the rain when lightning struck the ship”.

Luckily, a local fishing boat was nearby, received a distress call, immediately rushed to help. All nine bold seafarers were safely rescued by fishermen and taken to land.

Thanawat Canbinet (Tanyawat Chanpinit), Vice Governor of Phuket, visited recovering in Yacht Haven Marina Phuket sailors on Saturday evening, said The Times.

Yachts often suffer from lightning, but those “lucky ones” who has drawn upon himself the “punishment of heaven”, has a difficult life: at best, suffers electronics, at worst — not without casualties. ItBoat previously wrote about how to protect a boat from lightning, and how to behave in a situation if you are caught in a storm while at sea.

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