Bravo, Yana !!!

August 10, 2019

      Bravo, Yana !!!
      Yana Reznikova became the world champion in the Olympic class RS: X among juniors

Bravo, Yana !!!

On the final day of the world championship, a wind of 5-6 knots allowed the organizers to fulfill the maximum plan. After a short pause due to the lack of wind, the judges held one start in the women's, silver and gold fleets. They were attended by all windsurfers, with the exception of the first 10 racers among women and men. They were waiting for the medal race.

Medal races became the denouement of the entire World Cup. Only the best of the best fought among themselves. The top 10 representatives of this class and future participants of adult Olympics and world championships entered the distance. Points in the medal race were doubled, and gold was at stake.

Before the final race, Yana Reznikova lost two points to the French women's leader Frenchman Manon Pyanase. Thus, the Muscovite had to come first and hope for a rival's misfire in the form of a third parish or lower.

In the medal race, Manon and Yana could not help but follow each other. Rivals from the start went one way, but the Russian woman was more successful than the Frenchwoman and took the first place in the leader. Reznikova’s company was unexpectedly made up by compatriot Anastasia Shchedrina, who was the fifth in the overall standings before this race. After the first sign, the girls walked close and gradually left their rivals. Shchedrina burst forward to the third sign, but then let Yana forward. Reznikova in full course left all rivals and finished first. Shchedrina came after her, and Pyanaza took fourth place.

After the medal race, Reznikova won 26 points. This result brought her the championship. Pyanaza was three points behind the Russian woman and took second place. Israel's Naama Greenberg finished third (45 points). On the fourth line is her compatriot Lina Geva (55), and on the fifth is Anastasia Shchedrina (79).

“The hardest part is waiting on the beach,” says world champion Yana Reznikova. – Because not to cheat yourself, not to think about racing – it is very difficult. But in the end, I quickly packed up. We raised the flag, we went to the water. Everything happened very quickly. My strongest rival in the medal race is Nastya Shchedrina. We passed this race better than anyone and finished first and second. So they fought only with her. This is my first championship. Plus, practically in my hometown, in which I constantly train. It's great. Both the organization and the atmosphere – everything was on the level.

– I didn’t keep anyone, I just tried to watch the whole fleet, control everyone. The hardest thing was to get together, says Anastasia Shchedrina. – We sat at the chill out for a very long time. It was very difficult to keep that mood, so I just relaxed. The medal race was incredible.

In the medal race among men, a similar picture developed. From the very first sign, the Israelis – Iyal Yohai Zror and Daniel Tashtash – took the lead and followed each other on each sign. Until the finish line, best friends would not let the rest of the fleet. It was they who played gold among themselves. In this struggle, Zror turned out to be more successful, who finished first and won the championship. His teammate – Tashtash – became the second in the medal race and overall. The most fierce battle unfolded for a bronze medal. The Israeli Reuven Hillel surpassed the Greek Alexandros Kalpoyannakis only one point.

“We are used to fighting each other, so it’s not so difficult,” says Daniel Tastash, silver medalist at the World Cup. – We communicate before the races and enjoy the victories of teammates. Each of us had a plan to show the maximum and win the championship. We did not use team tactics – everyone was for himself. During the race, I did not think about friendship with Iyal at all. Israelis are the best windsurfers in the world. We train with each other, so it’s not so difficult for us in the races themselves.

Alexey Zhirov,

PR-director of the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg.

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