Bravo, Seven Feet Team!


      Bravo, Seven Feet Team!
      Today, September 3, at 2 a.m., in Vladivostok, the first yacht finished in the sailing race of 1000 miles from the Chinese city of Qingdao. This race is the first stage of the 4th Far East Cup International regatta 2019. Competitions are held on Beneteau First 40 yachts.

Bravo, Seven Feet Team!

The first to complete the most difficult long race was the Seven Feet Team with captain Ilya Ermakov. The crew represents the Seven Feet Yacht Club from Vladivostok. The team included experienced titled yachtsmen: Roman Zhuravlev, Andrey Aniskin, Roman Arestov, Alexander Bely, Igor Sukhov, Evgeny Zhuchenko, Sergey Pshenetsky, Maxim Shulga.

In total, 7 crews from South Korea, China, the USA, Japan and Russia take part in the regatta.

The participants started in Qingdao on August 26, and only on the night of September 3 the first yacht approached Vladivostok. The finish line of this race was accepted by the co-organizers of the regatta, the Sailing Federation of the Primorsky Territory, in the Bosphorus Strait, at the Russian Bridge.

A few hours later, the Chinese Wob Team finished. The remaining yachts still go to the finish line. The approach to Vladivostok is complicated by a long calm zone.

On September 5, all seven crews will take part in short coastal races in Ajax Bay, opposite the FEFU campus promenade, during the Eastern Economic Forum. Vladivostok stage is only part of the regatta. On September 7, a start will be made from Vladivostok to the Japanese city of Toyama, where rivals will fight in short races and then head for Qingdao. In total, all participants will cover 2500 nautical miles. The regatta will end on September 26 in Qingdao.

Note that last year our crew from Vladivostok with captain Ilya Ermakov on the steering wheel won the main cup of the regatta. This crew won this difficult regatta three times in a row, as a result of which it was awarded the highest award – the silver cup.

Yana Konoplitskaya,
Seven Feet Yacht Club Press Center

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