Bravo, “Heroes”!

“Russian heroes” Igor Rytov became the winners of the 5th stage of the European Melges 20 division of the World League which ended on Sunday in Cagliari (Italy). Greetings from Yacht Russia!

After two days of the regatta ahead was the Italian crew Brontolo Filippo Pacinotti. “Heroes” was second, losing to the leaders by 3 points, but managed on the final day to change the situation in their favor. In the end, the top three finishers were:

1. Russian Bogatyrs (Russia, Igor Rytov) – 14 points. 2. Brontolo (Italy, Filippo Pacinotti) – 21. 3. Pacific Yankee (USA, drew Freides) – 25.

In the top ten three more teams under the Russian flag. Nika Vladimir Prosikhin – in fifth place, Victor Alexander Novoselov – six, Leviathan Maxim Titarenko – eight.

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