Bravo, “heroes”!

In Tampa (Florida, U.S.) hosted the first round of the Winter series in class J/70. In the race was attended by 47 crews.

© Igor Rytov

The victory was celebrated by the “Russian knights”, composed by Igor Rytov, Constantine Rasputina, Anton Sergeev and American Michael Booker.

The competition was scheduled on 8th and 9th December, but on Sunday the race took place, summed up the weather. The winner was determined by the results of the first day: Russian Bogatyrs – 13 points (parishes 7-2-4), then Dark Horse Greiner Hobbs – 16 (3-7-6) and Black River Racing Douglas Strebel – 18 (8-3-7).

Another two stages of the series will take place there, in Tampa, 5 – 6 January 9 – February 10.

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