BRABUS 800 Shadow

On the winding road leading through the region of Sant Agustí, Mallorca, heard a thunderous roar. The sky is clear, and the sound of a different nature: a deep, angry sounding as if Zeus himself was shaking a sack of hammers. This thunder rend the exhaust pipe Mercedes-Benz Brabus G Class, which is at the entrance to the Parking lot at the port of Calanova stops in front of me. The fans are buzzing, trying to deal with the daytime heat and cool a snarling V8 volume of 5.9 L. the Reason for the presence of the car and spoiled Siesta — our desire to see it close to water equivalent, Brabus 800 Shadow from Axopar.

The cooperation between the two companies, Brabus and Axopar, it was officially announced in 2018 at boot Düsseldorf, where he first presented the boat c body and layout Axopar 37. Critics can argue, arguing that it’s just a single Axopar with fancy color, emblem Brabus and overpriced, but it’s more than that. The initial batch is limited to only 20 boats, but have erected manufacturing facilities, where will be release exclusively these boats Brabus.

  • Unique hardtop with sunroof is made specifically for the Brabus Shadow

  • Tastefully decorated cabin on a boat of this length doesn’t look or feel cramped

The hull and layout can be the same as the Axopar, but the cycle of construction Brabus three times more, and 15% of the value of € 439 thousand is the charge for glossy. The actual specification, in addition to the hardtop on the racks, includes such options as wetbar, elements of carbon fiber and upgrades of navigation and audio equipment. As standard you get, among other things, T-shaped hardtop with opening hatch, a full set of high-quality electronics Garmin, including Garmin Quatix watch synchronized 5 with Brabus logo, and a pair of outboard Mercury Racing Verado 400R with a joystick.

The official presentation of the new brand Brabus Marine held in Cannes, but even after boot Düsseldorf 2018 within two weeks had sold almost all boats starting in the series. And now Brabus Marine the challenge as soon as possible to be among the iconic brands of the yachting industry, thus initiating a new segment.


Konstantin buchmann, CEO of Brabus Marine:
Brabus was founded in 1977 by my father Bodo Bosmana, and since we work with famous car brands, making cars more beautiful and faster. As shown by the Shadow of the Brabus 800, the same can be done with boats. Axopar and Brabus very well and our cooperation started when we bought the boat and, of course, are unable to resist its customization. Thus arose the prototype of Shadow the Brabus 800.

  • Brabus Shadow slowly and with dignity passes by your land “relative”

Jan-Erik Was one of the founders Axopar and Brabus Marine:
Model Axopar in themselves are a premium product, and cooperation with Brabus will offer something more demanding customers. We are planning to jointly design a new boat and do two different products on a single platform. All subsequent models Brabus Marine will absorb the marine and automotive heritage; launch will occur in unconventional for the yachting industry form, and we will expand the possibilities for their individualization. All these boats will be released in a limited edition and will be collector’s items.

But this stunning boat a must see! Of course, its creators had a handicap in the form Axopar 37 — too cool boat. Dark gray body contrasts perfectly with the bright red trim, and a tapered vertical bow gives the ship a menacing look, enhanced by the spark of the 400-strong podvizhnikov with Brabus logo, emblazoned on the transom. Logos placed everywhere: on chairs, aluminum potopsingh, the wheel — every second remind you that you are on Board the Brabus creations. Especially in the cabin, which is decorated with stitched leather upholstery and thick carpet on the floor.

On our test boat was the abundance of elements from carbon, mainly in the area of control. The carbon fiber looks great and adds a smart, powerful feature of the dashboard, which, fortunately, no cluttered interface with a navigation system, Glass Bridge and a neat line of buttons to control essential devices.

  • The buttons on the steering wheel, as it is practiced in the automotive industry, significantly unload the instrument panel

  • The inscription on the Brabus engines-Mercury, seen from afar, gives to understand “class” affiliation of this boat

The design of the helm hosting control buttons nasal podrujkoi, bow thruster, sound system, etc., also deserves respect. It is surprising that such a simple idea was adopted only a few shipyards. Besides the fact that the dashboard is unloaded, the button main functions are right under the thumb. The helm is located in the diametrical plane, and the left and right of the helm, also in chairs with the regulations, guests sit… Or stand freely under the protection of the high windshield.

The sound of two Mercury Verado 400 HP is not as impressive as the murderous roar land Brabus. Arm motors forward and the boat started to move. It is so easy first gaining 30 knots, then the 50 that take your breath away. It in warm water; under other circumstances, perhaps we should try to find other screws that are not so difficult. The engines have been muted though, work perfectly, giving enough controlled power that presses you into the seat during the entire period of acceleration.

Behavior Brabus 800 Shadow on the water is equally impressive speed, and it even seemed to me that the boat is able to walk at speeds of 40 knots — wherever you are the hull and engines suited to each other more than.

Case Axopar 37 with two lateral sponsons is a miracle; Brabus got hold of it and added power, which has benefited. The weight distribution is wonderful and the fact that the boat confidently, steadily and smoothly jumps from wave to wave, not to mention. You can maintain a decent speed in choppy conditions, and the case will stand this test without any “complaints”.

As confident Brabus cope with steep turns: a narrow regenerowane case behaved impeccably. It is known that large boats with podvesnoe on such curves for a variety of reasons to lose focus, but with Shadow 800 nothing like this happens.

In places like Majorca, where jumping over the waves in the Bay — sport and afternoon wave could make a move at all hard, Brabus ability to punch a wave at speed the boat makes this the perfect tool for the job. Can’t hurt that wherever you go, it will be noticed even if there will be a lot of exotics on the water.

The movement rate and the handling is great but can be very practical and useful layout, inherited from Axopar 37. The Central zone of the seats are comfortable and big enough to cover lunch here at seven. A custom Brabus hardtop will allow you to “switch” the sun in the shadow (and Vice versa) in seconds. Three chairs at the steering console takes place deep in a folding table, but one of the best things about layout is that all seven seats allow for guests on the go to be protected and in comfort. Those who are interested in tenders for superyachts, will especially appreciate this.

  • Wetbar, the second row of seats full of kitchen equipment to the limit

  • Marine toilet hidden under the L-shaped sofa on starboard side

Of course, there is the temptation to get a boat with all the functionality Brabus ones seaworthiness significantly cheaper simply buying Axopar 37. But there is in Shadow 800 something special to justify the additional cost. Quite likely, many of those who want their boat in line with their own car Brabus. And, there are probably as many wanting to buy a boat for her appearance, but she is able to dissect the dashing wave, in contrast to many models of such length and power. She growls as the G Class, standing on the shore, but the Shadow 800 is the symbols-the regalia Brabus with equal reason and dignity.

Dossier Brabus 800 Shadow

Length 11,20 m Width 3.30 m Draught 0.85 m
A displacement of 3.6 t (no GR) fuel capacity 730 l Outboard motors 2 x Mercury Verado 400R (400 HP)
Maximum speed 50 knots Cruising speed 20-40 knots
Sleeps 2 + 2 (aft cabin) RCD Category “B” (10 pers.)

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