Bowie Becking's Ninth Circumnavigation

October 15, 2019

      Bowie Becking's Ninth Circumnavigation
      Before the start of the circumnavigation of the Ocean Race (who does not know – the former Volvo Ocean Race is now called) it seems to be far away, it will begin only in 2021. But…

Bowie Becking's Ninth Circumnavigation

But there is more news about this famous race. And, therefore, it is time for us to inform you about these news. What will we do now.

The Dutchman Bowie Becking is one of the most famous veterans of the world race: for the first time he took part in it back in 1985 – 1986 (then it was called Whitbread Round the World Race) on board the Philips Innovator yacht. And after that he participated in the circumnavigation 7 more times. Can you imagine ?!

Now Becking is 56 years old, and he is still devoted to Ocean Race with all his heart. So, apparently, will hit the road for the 9th time. Moreover, the project is Swedish, and Childhood I (that is, "Childhood 1") will be called the VO65 yacht – this is how Swedish project sponsors want to support the World Childhood Foundation.

Move on. Austrian yachtsmen have never taken part in a Volvo Ocean Race team before. But everything in this world is changing. The Sissi team (so close and friends called the Bavarian princess, who became the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph) is a rookie around the world. But they have a well-deserved yacht: the Austrians bought the well-known Vestas – and now put it in order.

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